Wrong channel priority for recording

875 is from HDHR and favorited.

6114 is TVE and not favorited.

Why the wrong recording priority?

What order is shown on the dvr schedule?

The first screenshot is from the scheduler.

It shows 6114 followed by 875. Opposite of expected behavior.

The first screenshot is from the search results page for that show. I would like to see the DVR > Schedule page.

No sure how that is any different…seems like the same incorrect order to me. Notice how the show above has the 6000 series channel in second order as expected.

Hm yea that looks like a bug. Could you submit diagnostics from the DVR

Is that what you need or is there a better way to submit?

Thanks. The issue is that the HDHR is reporting channel 875 as not HD. The DVR prefers HD channels for recordings.

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Gotcha. Good to know how that works. Thank you for the prompt reply.