Wrong EPG Data for show - The View on ABC

There is a guide discrepancy for the show "The View" on ABC.

I traced back wrong episode numbering for The View on ABC to missing episodes for November 19th, and 20th 2019. In the TV Database those episodes are missing and therefore episode numbering is off by two.

I am pretty sure this was caused due to the Congressional Impeachment Hearings that took place on those days.

Fast Forward today and the following listings line up with not missing those days.

TV Guide Listings:

Today's, Jan 06th 2020 Episode is Judge Judy and should be labeled, S23E78 not S32E76.

What does it show on zap2it.com

Shows S32E76 for Jan 6th, 2020. The description is correct, but I believe the episode number is wrong and should be 78 not 76.

My understanding is that this is the official data from the networks. It might not match community maintained data like tvdb.

So I was able to see what ABC.com says since they updated the website. The episode yesterday Jan 8th should be episode 76 Season 23.

Zap2it reports it as, episode 78, Season 23.

TVGuide reports as, episode 80, Season 23.
TVDB reports as, episode 76, season 23.

I am assuming the ABC.com website is correct and therefore the EPG should be updated to match ABC.com data. The only thing wrong here is the episode numbers in the guide. Once that is fixed it should be okay going forward.

Good luck.

Of all the EPG Providers, I've found Gracenote to be the most accurate (vs. Gemstar/Rovi/TiVo/TVGuide/SchedulesDirect). None are perfect.

If you check the actual networks schedules in advance, you'll see they change as the air date gets closer.
I have many episodes of multiple shows on multiple networks that aired with incorrect Season and Episode according to the network, and some networks even change it after it aired, but the NEW tag is usually correct, as is the Episode Title, so they do record.

You can always feedback to Gracenote to correct the info, but I've seen that they get early info from the networks and decide on their own what the Season and Episode should be and then the network changes it a few times before it airs. Has to be a bitch to keep up with that kind of thing.

I don't envy the devs if they decide to allow importing of TV Shows, as nobody can agree on Original Air Date, Season and Episode, not even the networks that air them. I just go by Episode Title, but even that's not perfect.