Wrong Guide Data & Mute Not working

While I am new to Channels, I've used HDHomeRun since it's beginning.
I have a HDHomeRun Prime and Apple TV 4K.
My proveder is Comcast digital so most channels are 720p resolution.

So far I have found the following guide data errors.
HDHomeRun Channels
1208 FS1HD SyFY

Also Mute by shacking remote does not work

Another thing on my server, an Qnap TS251 when recording CPU use is very high 70-90%.
Which seems quite high for only recording 1 channel.

Is there something else I need to do?

On the dvr web UI, hold down the SHIFT button on your keyboard and click the circle refresh icon under your HDHR. That will load the correct guide mappings from the official HDHR app.

CPU usage should only be 10-15% while recording. Are you sure it wasn't remote streaming or running commercial detection at the same time? The dvr web UI will list everything happening in the Activity section.

I am running with defaults, I have not changed anything since loading.

I am now seeing between 15-25% on cpu usage when recording 1 channel.
My guess is the guide may have been still updating.

I don't see HDHR on the channels web page when I hold down the SHIFT key.
Can you please explain further.


On the Channels DVR web UI page under Settings

If you are referring to HDHomeRun page it is up to date and I did run Channel detection to make sure it was up to date.

OK, it is now refreshing guide data. That did it!

So far I really like Channels it's a better than HDHR's App for all but DRM'd channels.


Any chance guide data will get a little better; I mean like actors and such?