Wrong Guide Position/Channel


So, this has been happening for a while, but I'm just getting around to reporting it.
Watching live TV, pressing back to get to the Guide doesn't always take you to the channel you are currently watching. I say 'always' because it does work the 1st time. If you then select a different channel to watch, then back out to the Guide again, is when things start to get flaky. To add to the confusion, the behavior is also different per platform.

In Android it works mostly as expected. I pick channel 570, watch it, go back to guide and it's positioned on 570. I select, say channel 600, watch it, go back to guide and again, it's positioned on 600. All good. However, if I'm watching 600 and instead of going back to the Guide, select a new channel to watch from the quick guide (top of screen drop-down), say channel 650, then from the new channel go back to the full Guide, it'll be positioned on 600 instead of 650.

So, that's what happens on Android. On Apple it's actually worse. Using the same scenario above on Apple TV, what happens is:

From Guide select channel 570 and watch
Go back to Guide, and since this is the 1st time, it works and the Guide is positioned on 570.
Select channel 600 and watch
Go back to Guide and it'll be positioned on channel 570
This behavior of showing the previous, previously watched channel continues.
IOW, if I now go back to the full Guide and select 650 and watch and then go back to the Guide again, it'll now be positioned on channel 600.
Lastly, on Apple, the Quick Guide results in more of the same. Pick channel 570 from full Guide, watch, pick channel 600 from Quick Guide, watch, go back to full Guide and it'll be positioned on 570, not 600.

Bottom line, it seems like Channels simply doesn't check what channel you're currently watching and defaults back to the previous channel, whatever it was. It's not a big deal when the channels are close to each other as it's easy enough to click up or down a couple times to get to the other channel needed. It's when you're watching, say channel 570, then switch to something like channel 800 and go back into the guide and now have a lot of scrolling to do.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Yup its been reported a few times on Apple TV. The best solution at the time is to turn PIP off in the app, or at least I know this works for the Test version of the app. Haven't tried on the released version.

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Huh, turning off PIP worked, on both Android and Apple release versions. I never would have linked PIP to this issue, so thanks!

Hopefully this is on the devs punch-list because I actually like using PIP.

Yup me too. But at least its better than going back 50 to 100 channels when you only wanted to go back to where you were. :wink:

Is this behavior the same on both Guide and On Now?

@jxxaxxy Ha, very true!

@tmm1 I actually don't use the 'On Now' screen/section, but when I get in front of the TV later tonight, I'll test and let ya know.

@tmm1 I tested On Now and yes, it exhibits the same behavior as described per platform. I.E. On Android, using On Now instead of the guide, the behavior is the same as described when using the Guide. On Apple, again, same behavior as described when using the Guide.

@tmm1 This has been going on since February and it has been made aware many many times. @maddox acknowledged this already in February and then April but nothing has happened.

Ps. I believe this is the same thing that the op wrote a book on and it’s terribly annoying :wink: