Wrong NBC stream (not a problem with Channels DVR)

I noticed earlier this evening that I'm getting the wrong NBC stream.
I checked on www.nbc.com and it's giving me WBTS instead of WNBC.

I submitted a ticket to NBC.

Just curious if anybody else is having the same problem.
If you do, go to www.nbc.com, scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on "Contact Us" to submit a ticket.

I’ve been experimenting with the locals option in Channels / TVE credentials and I found out this fact: NBC and ABC use the geolocation of the IP address to determine the appropriate local whereas CBS and FOX use the location of the credentialed device (independent of IP address). Thus, you may be physically in LA but if your IP address geolocates to NYC, then NBC will give you WNBC. CBS would show you KCBS.

Very interesting information.

I checked my geolocation on whatismyipaddress.com and the public IP address assigned by Comcast has me located in Beverly, MA.
This explains why I'm getting the NBC feed from Boston, MA.

How is the location of a credentialed device determined?

Typically GPS coordinates on mobile. Not sure if the browser on desktop does a geolocation on the IP address but those can be overridden; however, this won’t work for NBC unless you change your IP address to geolocate near the New York DMA

As a followup, I decided to perform a browser test today with Firefox and the Mozilla VPN set to NYC. Whether I logged in locally or remotely to the Channels App on my QNAP, NBC always geolocated to my ATT IP address so I got WXIA. However, if I went to nbc.com/live within the browser, I could watch WNBC.

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Thanks for this test. That's interesting result.
I don't use a VPN and I have no plans to do so for the foreseeable future.

It's not really a big deal for me because I only record prime time/national shows so which local NBC station provides the stream doesn't really matter.

I haven't heard back from NBC since creating the ticket.

I will report when/if I get a response from them.

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So I never heard back from NBC but yesterday I noticed that I'm getting WNBC again as it should be.

I checked my IP address and it's still the same with a geolocation in MA.
Nothing has changed with my server host setup.

So NBC must have done something on their end.
Maybe because of the ticket I created. Who knows?

Anyway, back to normal for now.

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