Wrong Timezone Showing/Logging

I have noticed recently that the timezone is wrong on the settings page. It is also wrong in the log. Both are in UTC time even though i am in EDT.
It shows correctly in the guide. It is just confusing when I try to view logs. These pics were taken within minutes of each other.

I am running this as a Docker on OMV5. It is set properly for the EDT timezone also.
Channels is up to date. Is there anything else I can do for this?

Also I have noticed in the past if tv programming was changed for some reason in the last few days that the guide would not update to the new information when it did it's guide download the next day.
I believe this is because it only downloads the end of the guide period and didn't refresh the current couple of days. I could manually get the "updated" guide by redownloading the entire guide. This may have been fixed already I could not find a recent example in my setup.
I know when I download guide data myself from zap2it I have it set to not cache the current 2 days so they always have the latest information. If this is not being done can we add it so the current data is as accurate as possible?

You need to set the TZ env variable on your docker container.

The guide always refreshes the current data every day.

Sorry. I didn't realize the TZ variable was available with your docker. I vaguely think I remember following some conversation about changing the base package so we could use the env variables like PUID and GUID and such to control which user was running the container. My DVR is currently recording I will add the variable and restart when it is done and let you know if there are any issues. Thank you for the great product you have made.

I have the same issue as @ChannelSam, @tmm1. How does one set the TZ env variable?

Check out the entry for --env | -e for the options to docker run.

docker run … -e "TZ=America/Los_Angeles" … fancybits/channels-dvr:tve