Xiaomi Mi box

Is anyone running this box and can they recommend?

Don’t want to lose channels but on my firestick I get issues which amazon don’t seem to be fixing and the channels team can’t work out a fix so looking into potential replacements.

I would get another shield like I have as my main server but looking at cheaper alternatives for other TVs in the house.

I have an older Mi box, not the latest S model. I have it connected to a 23" computer monitor via HDMI and I also use a USB to ethernet adapter. it's not a shield or Apple TV but it's half the cost or less. as a secondary box it works fine.

That’s good to know that the older one does well. The newer one I imagine would do just fine. Amazon seem in no rush to improve the 4K stick

Mi box a arrived today and playback is awful on recordings. Not dark blue like the firestick but skipping like hell.

Just submitted log

Does it work any better in the official HDHR app?

You can also try the VLC app to compare. Enter this URL for example to play the same recording:

I can’t playback recordings on the official app as I don’t have the dvr function.

Will try this on the vlc app. It plays back perfectly on the shield which is my server

You do not need the DVR to use the HDHomeRun app .. to watch livetv... try it ... because it could be your WFI.

Live tv is not an issue. Nor are all recordings.

Playback of same recording is fine on the mi box with VLC

Also on the firestick using vlc so far no issues.

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I tried on my MiBox3 and the Match of the Day recording you sent over has the same problem as in your screenshot.

I also tried VLC 3.0.13 on the MiBox3 and it doesn't pixelate like Channels, but the video will stall out every 10s or so and resume a few seconds later.

I will try VLC on the FireStick to see if its any better there..

I tried VLC 3.1.7 on the MiBox3 and it has the same stalling issue. I also see interlacing artifacts (combing lines) when there's motion.

I guess the MiBox S might have a better chip?

I also tried VLC 3.1.4 on the Fire Stick 4K and that one plays back correctly without stalling or pixelation. That seems to suggest there's a way to make the 4K Stick work correctly in Channels as well, so I will investigate further.

Pretty sure MiBox S is the exact same hardware in a new shell.

Good news !