XMLTV/M3U Apostrophe Handling

I believe there is a bug in exporting of the M3U and XMLTV files from Channels DVR. Channels uses "'" which works for html formatting but not for XML formatting. Should actually be using "'". This causes channel names and guide data containing apostrophe's to appear cut off or sometimes completely lost.

I'm noticing it on export while I am using it as a source in Threadfin, but this most definitely has to be and issue in some other places.

The bug is in the other software, not Channels.

I responded in the other thread:

ok so the bug is with channels dvr, potentially, but it took me a bit to actually track it down. the problem exists in the m3u export from channels. channels that contain an ' character that gets exported in plain text and not coded. threadfin removes everything after that character from that line in the m3u and results in channels without names. if channels dvr were to code the ' with ' like they do in the xmltv it gets decoded properly.

with that being said I don't actually think m3u has a spec. and so with that channels dvr could argue they are compliant. I plan on writing up an issue on the threadfin github as well and see what their answer is.

I would argue in this forum for consistency in exported files, but that's just me.

Then this is a bug in Threadfin, not Channels. As you note, there is real "spec" for M3U playlists per se, but in general they look like:

#EXTINF:duration tag1="value1" tag2="value2",title

For IPTV-type playlists, the duration should be -1, the item is the URL to the stream, and everything after the comma (,) in the EXTINF line is used as entry's title. Threadfin obviously has issues with their M3U parser.

correct. channels dvr uses the tvg-name="somename's" and that cause threadfin to remove everything after.

only argument over here is consistency as i said. but i understand.