YES Network

Looking at some threads, YES Network used to be available on TVE but was removed. Seems like they have updated their website. Would it be possible to relook into including YES into TVE?

YES Network is available and appears to be working as expected for me.

What channel does it come in for you?
I don’t see it listed in the TVE channels.
What version are you running?
I just upgraded to 2021.03.14.0324 to see if maybe I missed something

YES has been available for quite some time and is channel 6205. Check your TVE source in the web admin. Perhaps it is not authenticating for some reason?

Fox Sports RSNs have always been problematic, at least in my personal experience.

For example, for some reason, FS West and Prime Ticket both used to appear and authenticate when TVE support was first introduced. But now, the only FS RSNs that appear in the lineup are FS West 3 and FS Prime Ticket 2, which only seems to carry programming/events that our household doesn't really care about. The primary RSNs do not show up, just FS1/2.

No channel 6205 on this version

Strange! I wouldn’t know why we have different lineups. I would email support directly. They are incredibly responsive.

Starting on 3/31, I believe the Yes network will no longer be available on the FoxSportsGo website. If that's truly the case, the developers might need to make changes for TVE as the new website for authentication,, requires you to, fist register, then sign in, with an email address even before you are allowed to authenticate with your service provider credentials.

Who's your TVE provider? Desperate to get YES working. thanks!

I’m using Spectrum in NYC for TVE but it shouldn’t matter, my understanding is that Channels DVR should show all of the possible channels currently available and then it authenticates via your TVE provider the ones that are available to you. Best to contact support directly to find out why some channels don’t show up at all.

If this is the case it most likely will not be compatible with Channels’ TVE implementation, at least not in the near future.

Tried reverting back to an older version and still did not see the Yes Network in the listings so not sure why some are able to get it while I cannot

I am getting a listing for yes, but during the Yankees it only is a placeholder advertising their new app.

I do not think YES offers any tve option other than their app. And there are also blackouts.

It is available on their website, but has a separate login mechanism. Anyway to fix that?

If I remember correctly from another page on here, no, it is not possible. Since YES has a page for both a login to their website and app plus you need your TVE details to view the screen, It won't be implemented into Channels DVR. You would need 2 sets of identification (YES website and TVE), which Channels DVR does not have support for.

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This is my understanding as well.

Geek side note - I logged in with credentials to the YES network and was able to extract an M3U and pipe that M3U into channels. But it was hinky and needed to be authenticated again after a couple weeks so it wasn't worth the work.

Exactly. The stream for YES is not really that protected, and anyone can grab the stream for it if it is in their subscription. But since YES needs a separate login to their website, the TVE stream won't be added to Channels DVR.

Can you provide that info, would love to give it a try.