Your app looks like a winner



I pretty much have been on a mission since new years. I have tried Plex, HDHR DVR, Emby,NextPVR, Kodi and a a couple of others. Yours is the best when it comes to straight live TV / DVR.

I could care less about transcoding and media servers. All I want is an OTA DVR that mimics a standard cable box DVR. Yours does that. Every other one I tried was too many gyrations just to get a recording or live TV.

IMHO silicondust needs to stick to hardware, Their UI is absolutely the worst.

All of the others were horrible when it comes FF and RR. Either you had no way of knowing where you were at in the video or they would whig out after a couple of back and forths.

Your implementation of Comskip is pure genius. You don't destroy the original file and you jump ahead or back if Comskip missed a commercial or vice versa.

Your app definitely passes the wife / family test in my home.

Thanks for a great app.


Absolutely agree regarding live playback. I have a lifetime Plex pass and while the DVR works okay, being able to properly time shift recordings (start them mid recording) is supposedly supported on Plex but just never works right. Channels has zero issues doing this.

It helps that the UI is infinitely better as well.


You are 100% correct. This is hands down the best Live TV app for over the air antennas!

The developers are awesome too.

This app should be in every household


I agree... I enjoy the Channels app and it's going to replace HDHomeRun as my software of choice.

I too have given up on SD improving the HDHomerun software at this point. They don't understand what a DVR should deliver and have no interest in improving the viewing experience for the viewer.


Honestly after the HDHomerun Premium TV service debacle, I have a very sour taste in my mouth for the company's software capabilities.


If you want to take it to the next level - get a cable card:
Comcast cable card + HDHomeRun Prime + Channels DVR + Synology + Apple TV 4K clients = Nirvana


No cable in this house. As luck/timing would have it, Philo came out with an Android TV app days after HDHomerun Premium TV losing those key channels. We only had it for Food Network/HGTV anyway so it was a no brainer switch. Save $20 and have a service that actually works.


About the same as what you'd pay for cable TV, without having to buy a bunch of stuff, set it up and maintain it?


I had a cable card for years and then I realized the only cable channel I was watching is ESPN and that is only during football season. When football season starts back up I most likely will get a Sling subscription for $25.00 and then cancel after the College Championship game.

I had a package with Frontier and when I just cancelled I am saving a net difference of $62.00 a month between channels, taxes and equipment..


About the same as what you'd pay for cable TV, without having to buy a bunch of stuff, set it up and maintain it?

I should explain.

My family of 5 streams quite a bit - we already have the Apple TVs, as I believe these are the best streaming box, and we use Airplay a lot. I also already have a Synology NAS.

When we had Comcast with their Xfinity boxes, I hated it. Too many remotes, clunky boxes, always switching TV inputs, etc. I wanted a solution that used Apple TV exclusively.

I originally cut the cord and tried DirecTV now, which was good service, but it the DirecTV login wasn't usable for the streaming apps for many channels, and the lack of a good DVR was a killer.

We already have Xfinity for Internet, and I discovered I could add a more extensive cable package with cable card only, for a few $ more than than we were paying for Comcast Internet + DTV now.

Add Channels DVR to this, and it is a great setup.

It is a huge priority for me to own and control all of the equipment in my house. I have my own cable modem, router, streaming boxes, NAS, etc. If possible I do not want to use ANY of the sub-par hardware and software rented to me by the local utility. When it's time to upgrade HW or SW, I am in control - just the way I like it :slight_smile:.

I'm not suggesting this solution is the cheapest, but for people with similar priorities, I think it's the best/easiest/most reliable solution available.


+1 wrt AppleTV, simple OTA + DVR. Nice app!