Youtube to m3u

I was think it will be cool if i get some yt streams to my cctv system.
How to get m3u links from youtube?
When i go to youtube live video-right click-inspect elements - i copy m3u link.
But its work for only a couple of hours.
Advices? Also, if possible to make lower res?
I dont want 1080p, 480 will ge ok.

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This way is easy, requires no extra software installation: An easy way for Channels DVR to watch YouTube Live vids

Another option is HLStube:

Thank you so much for answer, my English is not perfect, so I have so many questions.

  1. Is it possible to set 480p resolution?
  2. is the link permanent or not active after a few hours?
    Whats the difference between this and hls tube?

FYI. It seems that the solution seems to be having a problem at the moment.

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No, I think it just grabs the best available resolution. But you can certainly ask the developers, they've seemed responsive to user queries. Chime in their related threads, I linked them above.

Yes. Both HSLtube and the Kister solution manage to keep the stream persistent. I've streamed a YTTV Live broadcast of The TWiT Network for a full day, over the course of many days now. The link doesn't change.

Both work fine for this. The Kister method is quite a bit easier, and doesn't require local software installation like HLStube does. If you're tech-savvier and know your way around Docker than HLSTube can gives you some more control over how the "channel" shows up in your guide. And Channels breaks it up into hour-long recordable blocks. The Kister method, on the other hand, shows as one long continuous stream, making it more difficult to record. But then again, it's easier to set up that first time and doesn't require Docker or any other software installed.

So pick the path that works best for you.

No, it's working fine. That poster is just doing it wrong. That's not a LIVE YouTube video.

Thank you for your answer!
But i want 480p, because it will be on my raspberry pi, and if i put more quality streams pi will not make it.
So 480p or 360p will be good. On small windows 3x3, 480p or 360p will not look too bad at all.

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Maybe i will use some softwares like tivimate or iptv smarters pro, i now need to get stream links and then check all to see which gives me best performance.

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