YouTube TV connection started timing out today

I had to go out this morning and when I got home I tried to watch TV but Channels DVR couldn't connect to my YouTube TV channels and displayed an error message saying "chrome auth_timed_out." My Locast and Philo channels display just fine. I can log into the YouTube TV app with my Apple TV just fine and watch all the channels via the app. I checked the logs and it shows the message "Could not start stream for TVE-YouTubeTV ch6055 SYFYP: TVE: chrome auth_timed_out." I just submitted my Diagnostic Logs to support. cf4606af-4409-4a7d-9031-c46ecad20bad

Any help would be great!


Can you run the following:

apt-get install chromium-browser xvfb

I am using the Chromium browser already. Do I need to reinstall it?

Okay I installed (ran) it anyway. It installed the "xvfb" package. Now what?

My Google account sent me warning that there was a suspicious login attempted at the time I first tried to use Channel DVR today. I have since logged on to my Google account using my Ubuntu server using the newly updated version of Chromium browser to make sure it recognizes my IP number.

I guess I should mention that I cut the cord with FIOS TV earlier this week and upgraded my internet speed at the same time. I had been running both my new server and FIOS TV at the same time to make sure everything worked right before I disconnected my FIOS TV service. When I got done my Frontier showed that I am on a new IP number now. But that happen several days ago and it has been working this whole time. It only started timing out today. It worked fine at 3:00am last night.


I restarted (rebooted) my server and retried opening some of the YouTube TV channels in Channels DVR on my Apple TV and still no luck. It still times out. I resubmitted my log files for you to check.



So no help on this problem?

The log file shows that I watched a YouTube TV channel at 03:06:14am and then turned everything off at 03:16:17am and went to bed.

Then it fetched 2 weeks of new channel guide information from Locast and YouTube from 9:52 am to 9:55am

2020/08/29 09:52:00.010257 [DVR] Fetching guide data
2020/08/29 09:54:49.903167 [DVR] Fetching guide data

Then backup up the database at 12:08:53pm

2020/08/29 12:08:53.708430 [SYS] Created database snapshot

Then at 14:38:25pm when I got home and tried to watch a YouTube TV channel it failed and timed out.

2020/08/29 14:38:52.180881 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-YouTubeTV: TVE: chrome auth_timed_out

I got an email from Google saying that at 2:38pm I had a suspicious sign-in attempt prevented from an unknown device Browser: Chrome 74.0. So, could something have happened and it triggered Google to demand 2 step verification when logging in?

So what happened after fetching data and backing up the database that caused the problem?????


Nothing happened apart from what appears in your logs. YTTV seems to have trigger something on their end. The only time I've seen this before is when users use a VPN and their IP doesn't look like it's coming from their home anymore.

Well, what is your suggestion for solving the problem? You guys are sometimes short on advice!

I don't have a VPN and like I said earlier my IP changed last Wednesday but everything kept working until Saturday afternoon. Any ideas from the folks that have been dealing with these problems for years now??? I'm just a newbie and have only been dealing with this for a month.

I'm thinking I have go to Google and create another new username and password and make it a family member, then delete the YouTube TV from Channels DVR on my server and reinstall them using the new username and password. I had to do that to get YouTube TV to work on Channels in the first place. I think Google marked the username I use now to require 2 step verification. Am I on the right track here????? A little hint would be helpful.


Honestly I'm not really sure what's going on, so your guess is as good as mine. Something is being flagged on the google account.

Have you tried going to and logging in with your YTTV via the chromium on the linux box?

Unless you added 2FA to the new account it wouldn't have gotten enabled.

I did that right now... and guess what? Google required me to use 2 step verification to logon by sending a text to cell phone. So something DID trigger Google to add 2 step verification to my user account. So, any suggestions? Channels has been in business for how many years? They had to have had experience dealing with these issues before. I am just asking for hints on what may have worked for someone else before.


Okay then it sounds like you should create a new family account without 2FA or any cellphone added to it.

Thank you!


Okay, I have created a new Google account and added it to my Family. Is there any way to edit the TVE source for YouTube TV so I can change the email address and password that TVE uses for the YouTube TV verification when it logs on to individual channels? Or do I have to delete YouTube TV as source and set it up all over again?


You have to delete and re-add