YTTV no longer works as a source

I have lost all of my channels from YTTV as a source. I get a strange authentication error when I try to enter my YTTV credentials. Anyone else have the issue?

This happened to me. I had 1) disable 2-factor authentication and 2) to create a new family account and use that account for Channels DVR TVE login.

You'll also likely have issues if you're routing your traffic through a VPN. It will repeatedly try to present a captcha that you won't be able respond to.

I found that Channels showed that Google Chrome was corrupt on TVE. I always use my iPad and safari to interface my DVR on a Raspberry pi. I went ahead and loaded Chrome on my iPad and when I went back and checked for the error (using safari) the error had cleared. I ran the channel scan again and all of my channels connected without issue. I’m not really sure how that fixed the issue but I’m good now.