2 Channels DVR servers on same network

Thinking of moving to a Raspberry Pi based install, and curious as I stand one up and play with it for a bit, is there any issue with running 2 Channels DVR servers on the same network?

Discovery? License? Playback? etc????

No issues.

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How will the Firestick client know which server to connect to if both are running at the same time?

It will pick one at random. If it picks the wrong one, you can click Connect > At Home and enter the IP of the one you want to use, and then the app will remember that IP.

Or you could uncheck Bonjour Discovery on the second DVR.

Is there a way I can pay you more $ each month to let any given client pick a specific server? Sorry if I'm getting this thread a bit off track from the OP's intent.

Not sure what you mean. Any client can already pick a specific server, by entering the IP address of that DVR.