2016 Toshiba C75d (AMD A6-6310) or Raspberry PI

Which would serve my Channels DRV system better?

Here is the rest of the set up:


Tuner: SiliconDust HDHR 4K Flex

NAS: Synology 2 Bay NAS DiskStation DS220+

HDDS in NAS: (2) Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS Internal Hard Drive

You have a DS220+, so there's no need for anything else. That covers both your CPU and storage.

Really? Wow. I was told different. OK. So how do I configure everything without using a computer? Can you point me to a set up video or something?

You would download the SPK from https://getchannels.com/dvr-server/#synology and upload it to your DS220+ into the Synology Package Center on your NAS.

OK. So I wouldn't I use another computer to set it all up? I don't understand how I can download something on the NAS without another computer. Maybe you are assuming I already have an establish LAN. I don't. This would be it, I thought.

You need a browser, yes. It can be on a computer or your phone or a tablet.

Sorry if these are stupid questions. This may all be obvious, but I just don't want to do something that would make things more difficult later. Is this the same process of installing a plex server? I watched a video on that and I am comfortable following that step by step.

It’s OK. If you don’t ask you can’t learn. The above items in the Amazon list are all you need to run channels dvr. But in order to set up the NAS you need a web browser.

  1. Do you have home internet with a router?
    The laptop you mentioned in the other thread could work or a phone. Once the nas is setup you can put the laptop back in the closet

You will also need some sort of streaming device to plug into the tv. ATV, shield tv, 4k fire stick, ect

Perfect! Yes I have a router. Someone previously told me that the laptop would need to be married to the network and always be on. I couldn't understand why if the NAS has a CPU. Maybe I confused them.

I have a Fire Cube, Netflix, and other apps installed on that. I had been using the Fire Recast, but I want Channels DVR so no need for that I will return it. Should I install the HDHR firsts or the DC220+ first?

Only if you were using that as your server. You decided to go the nas route. The nas is basically a computer and it will need to be on all the time. You will plug your nas into the router and connect your laptop to the router and setup the nas with the laptop using a web browser

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Yes this is how in this order: attach antenna to hdhr box, plug hdhr into the router with Ethernet cable, plug power into wall. Done hdhr is set up. Move on to nas


This will help you do initial nas setup then add the channels packge


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Got it. Right now I have a Spectrum router/service and am also trying Tmobile 5G (I'm believe I'm in a good spot for it). I am planning to set everything up with the Tmobile network but if I decide not to keep it, is it difficult to put this all back on my Spectrum?

It should keep working even if you change ISPs

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Thanks. Can I set this up, then power it down to move it? I realize it needs to be on all the time for the network to operate, but what happens if I were to lose power or something? Does it all come back online on its' own automatically?

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Yes it comes up after power outage

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Should I go raid 1 or SHR?

I already did chose RAID 1 but am now seeing SHR is recommended.