30 Second skip is really slow

Hello! Recently I noticed that the 30 second skip is pretty slow. I mostly notice if I'm watching something recorded but has not yet been processed for commercials. There is a noticeable delay when trying to skip ahead and at takes some time (6-8 seconds) to catch up. I'm just wondering if this is likely due to the Firestick or the server (which is running on an older Windows PC).

This is usually indicative of a slow network. I’d do a speed test first to check.

In the Channels app, under Support, you can run a test that’s checking speeds directly to/from your Channels DVR Server.

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Ahh.. That makes sense. I did have a recent problem with my wi-fi. A reboot of the router seemed to fix the picture quality. I just tested the speed and it is very slow. I'm not overly impressed with Orbi. I'm not sure what the issue is but I'll keep digging. I appreciate the reply.

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Mesh Wi-Fi is more about covering all of your house than it is about speed. It tends to increase latency as well.

Consider using Moca adapters to get faster speeds around your home. They use the existing coax in your home to get Ethernet speeds from one room to another. You plug one in near your router with coax and Ethernet (into your router) and then another in another room.

These are not power line adapters which are slow and unreliable. You can get 800mbps around your house with them and they’re an amazing, cheap, easy way to get fast speeds around your house.

You can use them to get faster speeds to tvs around your house, or use them to feed simple Wi-Fi access points to gain (fast) coverage of Wi-Fi around the house, vs mesh that just hops all around without caring much about speed.

What kind of ORBI are you using? I use ASUS AImesh with a backhaul of 6E ... I found a few things to make it better.

1 Was to disable Smart Connect. Make sure Clients connect to 5GHZ
2. I disabled 2.4 Wireless.... as long as no connections need 2.4

I'm actually nerdy enough that I have cat6 all over my house. It dates back to the Windows Media Center days. I recently upgraded from my Roku TV to a Samsung so I bought a Firestick. I'll have to get an ethernet adapter for it. Per a lot of suggestions here, I still might try an Apple TV instead. I was waiting to see if new hardware was going to be announced.

Thank you for the help.


Apple TVs tend to follow the iPad schedule, which is usually a Spring update cycle.

But I say go for the Apple TV; you won't regret it. It is the best UX of any streamer. Plus, you aren't constantly bombarded with ads.

Its not nerdy or dated to have wired ethernet in every room, its smart. Wifi is only half duplex and can never equal the reliability of wired.

To solve your wifi issue in general you should give some thought to Unifi access points. I have a unifi controller running on a VM and have 6 AP's all hard wired in my 3400sq ft house. Excessive? Not when only 2 of them are running dual 2.4/5.8ghz and the rest are just 5.8ghz. Im running each AP with 80MHz width. The end result is i have perfect 5.8 ghz signal anywhere in my house with average throughout about 500 down and 500 up. The unifi system also facilitates roaming perfectly between AP's.

As good is my wifi is, i will take a wired connection whenever I can. :blush:


I don't know... I think it's pretty nerdy. So is the rack in my basement. I've seen a lot crazier setups than mine though. I actually don't know that wifi is half duplex. I was looking at the Unifi Dream router recently. Looks like they are selling at a premium right now.

Here is an article explaining how wifi is half duplex.
Wi-Fi 7 Explained: A Solid Upgrade vs 6/E | Dong Knows Tech.

IMHO the dream router is overkill. Just get some unifi AP's and then run the wifi controller on a vm or something. you can buy 2 AP's for the price of 1 dream router.

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Sorry. That was autocorrect. I wasn’t second guessing you. I meant I “didn’t” know that wifi was half duplex. It was interesting to learn.

Do you have an opinion on which Unifi access points would be best? I have a 2700 square foot house and a bunch of kids so we beat on the wi-fi pretty good. I was leaning toward two U6 Pro's to start. Maybe adding a third later.

I have a single unifi WiFi 6 long range and it covers my entire 3700sqft living space plus small yard, 2400ft main level and 1300ft walk out basement. Default power on the least congested channel. Granted it is centrally located on a vaulted ceiling. You might be surprised the coverage of a single ap. If it’s not sufficient it’s easy to add more. I run the controller on my Linux server and it works great.

Unifi 6 pro is good. I am running the older unifi5 pros in my house because I installed them before 6 was a thing. My recommendation is to start with your main areas and then fill in the other gaps as needed. I checked signal strength and also download speed in each room. I basically just planned for 5ghz so I had to augment my coverage with a couple of in wall access points. I run most at 80MHz channel width and I have 1 that will do 160 so that one is really fast. I can average 500Mbit on the 80 channel width and about 850Mbit on the 160 width. Definitely don't let unifi do auto channel selection. Do scans and then see where the best channel is for each of them. And... Goes with out saying but hard wire each of them and don't do any mesh etc...