50hz Frame rate change not working

With newer Amazon Firestick 4K device's display resolution settings set to "auto' and frame rate matching set to "on", and Channels app settings->playback->advanced frame rate options set to "when app starts up" or "on video playback" channels app does not switch video tv frame rate to 50Hz.

Bad video judder therefore occurs, on Channels app live TV, and DVR recordings playback especially on panned scenes.

Setting frame rate on Firestick to 50hz fixes this, and all is good, but is a nuisance to have to.manually switch display settings all the time.

BBC TV catch up TV app "iPlayer" installed on exactly the same device works fine when started up (or is restarted after home button is pressed) and somehow sets TV to 50hz correctly whenever it is launched.

My older LG oled TV shows frame rate alongside resolution on info bar, so I can easily see when frame rate has been adjusted on that TV set. BBC iPlayer works correctly, but sadly Channels app never does, even though the options are seen there in settings.

I'd be grateful if this issue can be revisited for Amazon Fire tv devices please.

I can install any app update in beta developer mode to test this as much as needed if you wish.

Thank you. From 50hz UK.


I've just received a Fire TV 4K Max stick here in the UK, and I'm getting the same issue. The frame rate option isn't even available in the most recent Beta Channels app on fire tv, and even with the fire TV set to match frame rate it never switches when opening Channels or playing a live channel. Manually fixing to 50hz obviously works, but as OP says it's inconvenient and ideally channels could trigger the fire TV's frame rate match setting on launch