6156 Marquee Sports missing on xfinity

I had to re-setup xfinity TVE yesterday and everything came back except 6156 Marquee Sports. It is not even listed as an option when I manage channels, so it does not seem to be an authentication issue. I am running Ver. 2021.03.26.1742 on my windows desktop.

Marquee has changed their stream format to something that is incompatible with Channels. It is no longer available through our TVE integration.

Ugh! I wonder why they would make that change. I hope this is not an indication of future moves by other services.

Marquee finding new ways to be difficult, just in time for opening day!

Hopefully, this is something that can find its way onto the future request list. Really dislike the idea of having to go back to an Xfinity DVR box just to record a Cubs game. Channels has me spoiled!

That is true, and that is not true. Yes, on the Marquee website, to the average user, the stream is now a protected .mpd stream, that yes, Channels DVR does not support. What is not shown to the average user, and is used on some websites I visit, is that Marquee still has an .m3u8 stream that is tokened. It is not shown to the average user on the Marquee website, more than likely due to the user agent. But yes, by default Marquee now uses a .mpd stream, but Marquee still has an .m3u8 stream.