ABC TVE not correctly mapping to local ABC affiliate

I had ABC TVE working through direct tv TVE authorization for quite some time, but today I noticed that some shows I had set up to record failed to record, and that guide data was not downloading correctly for this item.

One thing I did notice is that it appears that through Direct TV I have access to both the Boston Feed of WCVB 5, as well as WTNH in CT. I should really only have WTNH.

Is there a way to force the DVR to map this channel to the WTNH feed that I have access to? I tried editing the lineup, but there doesn't appear to be an option for mapping TVE channels

Edit: just to note: when I open the channel on one of the clients it correctly opens the feed for the WTNH CT abc affiliate.

Is WTNH channel 6001 and WCVB channel 5985? If you only want one, you can just click the exclude button next to that channel.


Also, please see this thread starting here:

On that thread - 2 things to check:

  1. Are you getting more than 1 ABC?
  2. Where and when did you enable your Local TVE checkbox? As you'll see from my later replies, your location is dependent on your location served from the client you enabled this on , not the server location.

It may be worth simply toggling the Local TVE checkbox from the local machine you run the DVR on, if applicable ( you can use to verify what's being sent)

You need to update your DVR to prerelease.

That solved it. Thanks