Experimental: Local Networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) in some major metros via TVE

@tmm1, NBC showed up today for the first time. Thanks. This is WFLA Tampa. Go Bucs!

Huh. Can you right-click copy URL on the image and paste here.


Not sure what's going on. Please submit DVR diagnostics.

Anyone else able to get 6002 Fox in Bay Area?

Poor @tmm1 is not getting a minute to breathe these days. :sweat_smile:

Just upgraded to 2021.09.09.2144 about 20 minutes ago and noticed 1 extra channel appeared in my DirecTV and Xfinity lineups:

It is a channel from my state and I used to have it on cable for the longest time but then they removed it a couple of years ago. I've never had it on DirecTV because of some stupid rule from the FCC or whatever as they decided that my locals should be from New York even though I'm in CT.
I just checked my DirecTV box and it's not listed. Very interesting.

It's a nice surprise to see it in TVE. A few questions going through my head now... How? Why? Is it permanent?

At first, there was no live data in the guide but that got fixed after I did a rescan.
In the guide, it is listed on top in numerical order.

I thought I would post a positive message in here to relax the mood a bit. :crazy_face:

I see there is another pre-release 2021.09.10.0131 available and it is pending for me now. I will see what happens after it gets installed. Crossing fingers...

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Is 5985 a TVE channel# ?
I thought they started at 6000.
Does it play?

Does your local Fox station stream for you 7x24 at their website?
i.e outside of Primetime hours.

If not, you can't get it as a Channels DVR TVE channel.

FOX: Supported for stations owned by FOX

It's interesting because until last week, when Locast was still active, their channel numbers were in the 5900 range.
It is indeed strange to see a TVE number as 5985.

It is playing fine right now. Even though at this time it is showing the national programming so it might as well be a duplicate of WABC. I will know in 10 minutes or so when they have the local news on.

Update 10 minutes later: it is a legit stream of WTNH!

If abc.com/watch-live shows two ABC stations in your area then the second one will appear as 5985


Thank you. I just checked on the web site and indeed I am able to watch both WABC and WTNH after signing in with my DirecTV credentials. Cool. :sunglasses:

I just lost my logo for WNCN on 6003 (CBS) after last few pre-releases.

EDIT: I refreshed guide data and logos and it says (off-air) in my guide. When I click the (off-air) in the guide it tunes to the TVE feed of CBS.

@tmm1 In addition to NBC having a twist logo, I updated to v. 2021.09.10.0131. NBC still has the twist logo and another issue has shown up.

My TVE CBS station no longer has the correct guide data. It appears to be mapping to a sports channel. I pulled the json data for CBS from TVE and HDHR and the station id is different (I think they should be the same?).

From HDHR:

      "GuideNumber": "105.1",
      "GuideName": "KPHO-NG",
      "Modulation": "atsc3",
      "Frequency": 551000000,
      "ProgramNumber": 9,
      "HD": 1,
      "VideoCodec": "HEVC",
      "Station": "21293",
      "Logo": "https://tmsimg.fancybits.co/assets/s28711_ll_h15_ab.png?w=360&h=270"

From TVE:

      "ID": "cbs",
      "GuideNumber": "6003",
      "GuideName": "KPHO",
      "HD": 1,
      "Favorite": 1,
      "VideoCodec": "H264",
      "AudioCodec": "AAC",
      "Station": "119706",
      "Logo": "https://tmsimg.fancybits.co/assets/s28711_h3_aa.png?w=360&h=270",
      "ScanResult": "true"

The guide shows this:

cbs guide

Clicking on the program shows this:

cbs program info


Not one glitch watching the Bucs game on NBC! Thanks again for getting this working.

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Thanks, I'll fix that. Is the Station set correctly for NBC TVE?

It does stream local 24/7 checked the Fox.com/live site signed as myself through Hulu as my TV Provider. Don't get ABC either however NBC and CBS come in great.

No. Sorry I didn't think of that. NBC has different station ids as well:


"Station": "118820"


"Station": "20507"

The guide data is not correct for NBC as well. I did a delete / recreate guide function. Earlier it was stale guide data when I first noticed the wrong logo.

Just curious. Which county in CT are you in, Fairfield, New Haven, Litchfield or Hartford? If you are not in Fairfield county, I'd be surprised you could get both the ABC networks from New York and New Haven thru TVE.

You guessed it, I'm in Fairfield county. :wink:

According to the FCC, my DMA is NYC so all my locals are from there and I've never been able to get the CT locals on DirecTV. So I'm surprised to get the CT ABC now in TVE.
Not complaining. :smiley:

Anybody get Fox on spectrum?