Accessibility Font, Skip Guide Pages, and Favorites

Hi everyone. New here and making my first post/requests:

  1. Add ability to increase guide fonts even if only slightly. Wife is blind like a bat and refuses to buy a larger television.
  2. Would be great like TiVo to page up/page down which used to skip a whole guide section (again wife request.)
  3. Would also be handy to be able to add a channel to favorites by holding down center button where the record menu pops up and if there was an add to favorites feature.


  1. Can be accomplished with channel up/down if it’s on your remote.
  2. That menu has this, this is the primary way to add to favorites.

As for #3, you should check out Channel Collections. They allow you to make your own groups of channels in any order you want, and they sync down to every client using Server Side Settings. You can even set them per client.

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Thanks. I don’t as it’s a firestick 4k max remote. If there’s another remote which is compatible, I’m up for buying it. Otherwise I wonder if a TiVo stream 4k might be better due to familiarity.

As for the favorites in that menu, I’m not seeing it. I’ll take another look again.

Yeah, mine doesn’t have add to favorites either. I have watch, record, record with optikns, and create/pass.