Accuweather Channel

Was wondering if Accuweather channel could be added to Channels dvr? They have free live stream now on the web page up to 1080p.

If you can figure out the streaming video URL, you could add it with Custom Channels.

Yeah I was more hoping for an official addition to the guide. I figured it's a pretty popular channel that's on most of the cable providers in the US so figured it would be one you would be interested in adding into Channels in an official way.

It's one of the Stirr channels
NoCords.XYZ PlutoTV/Stirr for Channels

From what I have seen, Channels has built-in official support for specific technologies as opposed to specific sources. So it supports Silicone Dust Tuners, TVE and Custom Channels (m3u playlists). Channels itself does not support any specific television network or service provider. PlayOn may be the only exception here. At least that is my observation of Channels design

Therefore it does not need to build in support for thousands of individual changing sources. The technologies that are supported provide access to a huge number of various sources without bloating ChannelsDVR. And custom channels (m3u) really opened the door for multiple 3rd party solutions that allow access to sources such as IP Camera, SAT>IP, Tvheadend, MLB, Frndly, Pluto, Stirr or anything else using m3u.


When you add a TV Everywhere account as a source, the channels numbered 6700–6999 are all free streaming channels openly accessible on the internet. If you can provide the developers with a static URL for a particular channel's stream, then they will consider adding it to their list of channels for TVE sources.

(Using the recent addition of Fox Weather as an example, Accuweather may be a candidate. However, the stream must be stable, and free from DRM.)


Oh ok… I think I follow that. Thank you, new understanding. And that explains somethings about Fox Weather.

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Added as channel number 6903.


If you do not have a TVE source provider I tested this Custom Channels Source Text which brings in the logo and EPG nicely.

#EXTINF:-1 channel-id="ACUWNW" tvc-guide-stationid="120551",ACCUWEATHER

Thank you for publishing an example that can be dropped in as–is, including the channel-id tag.

(Many of the issues with M3U playlists are because the users have not read the documentation and do not use the required channel-id tag, and then complain that things don't work.)