Extra Channels for users without Service Providers

ChannelsDVR has free channels available from various internet streams that are added to any TVE sources. Channels Support - TV Everywhere. However, these particular streams (channels 6700 - 6999) do not require subscription to any service provider.

I am proposing that under TV Everywhere beta that for a provider there be "None - Freely Available" that opens up only these channels. These are live tv streams that are freely available to anyone. It seems needing a provider subscription is unnecessary.

Yes, these channels could be setup as Custom Channels as demonstrated with Accuweather Channel - #10 by Absenm recently. However, this feature would simplify the process for customers as they are already curated by ChannelsDVR.

The obvious use case here would be for customers who do not have a service provider and only use OTA devices and/or custom channels.

I mentioned this in another thread, but it is best discussed as a feature request. Again, this is just a nice friendly "feature" request. Please be kind. :smile:

Previous discussion:

Well that answers that. Missed it in the Pluto thread. lol.

Feel free to vote. It's a reasonable request and we may add it in the future.

Agreed and voted. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another use case for moving these channels to their own grouping is when you change providers. I just recently changed from Fubo to Philo and re-favorited channels in this range.

Good point. Though I am not necessarily suggesting moving these channels. I think the current implementation is good with them automatically added to any new TVE sources. This suggestion would only add a way to get these channels without a TVE provider source. But your use case is still good since you could have this TVEless source (with favorites marked) plus another TVE source. Duplicates would just stack like they do with all other multiple sources.