Add channel number to Pass/recording information?

Since implementing Locast and removing my HDHR OTA source I wanted to make sure the passes I had set up for broadcast TV would transfer over to the new source.

I noticed when I am in the “manage pass” details or when I review an individual “scheduled recording” the channel number associated with the pass/recording isn't displayed. I see the station logo but that doesn’t help.

Is it possible to get it added?


Are you wanting it shown for recordings that already exist, or for scheduled recordings? The latter is already available.

The channel number appears at the top level of scheduled recordings but not when you view the details.

It does not appear in:
“Your passes” either the top level or in the detail panel.
“Recently recorded” either at the top level or in the detail panel.

My enhancement request is mainly regarding the pass area. As users create/update/delete/reorder sources it’s important to reflect the channel number the application is using to record the show.

It’s my understanding the application will find the first instance of the show (based on source priority) and record that.

Since I changed the priority on my sources that had existing passes created off of the first set of channel numbers, I wanted to make sure the pass grabbed the updated source - which I could easily confirm based on new channel numbers reflected in the pass information. But it doesn’t appear, which is the reason for my request.

I think it would be challenging to show that on the pass, because the pass doesn’t have channels tied to it. The pass is just used to search for airings, and once it finds one, adds it to the schedule using the priority logic.

Including channel detail on already recording airings would be possible though, I think.

What I hear you saying is the pass functionality is source/channel agnostic. I also hear you saying when a program is identified that fits the pass criteria a scheduled recording instance is created. Correct?

By that logic, and because a scheduled recording already contains the channel number, and is lower in the pass -> recording hierarchy (one to many) why couldn’t the channel numbers of the scheduled recordings be rolled up into the pass details?

When you think about it there should only be one anyway since the pass will only ever find the first instance.

The pass doesn’t just identify the first instance, it schedules all it finds in the guide data, I believe.

With advanced passes, one pass can match multiple shows across multiple channels.

It looks like the main DVR schedule shows channel numbers, but when you click into one of the scheduled airings there's only a logo. I agree it would be nice to show the channel number in there

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Lack of channel numbers and call sign/name in the Details modal has been something that I've long wished to have displayed. Solely displaying a logo can be confusing, as several channels can have the same logo (such as PBS affiliates).

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