Add prompt to exit app

When using the back button to exit the app, it would be nice to have a prompt to verify the user really wants to exit the app. I’ve had several cases when I’ve accidentally hit the back button too many times in a row.

Wouldn’t that prompt be incredibly annoying the other 99% of the time when you DO intend to exit the app??

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Well, I was thinking it would be an option you could set. In my case, 99% of the time I’m going to be having the Channel DVR app running.

Both the Hulu and DirectvNow apps prompt by default, and the Netflix app won’t exit on back button at all - it brings up a side menu where you have to select Exit to leave. I typically use the Home button to leave the app when I’m done anyhow.

Thinking about it, I’d probably prefer it to act more like the Netflix app where the back button would simply bring up the side Menu, and then have an option to select Exit to leave the app. You can always immediately leave the app by selecting Home button.

I assume the "Vote" is for wanting this feature.

I am 100% in favor us something preventing whoever is holding the remote accidentally "backing" out of the app.

It is really frustrating when it happens. I typically enter the App from the "recent" tray on the fire home screen. When you "back" out of the app the icon moves to the first spot in the listing (since it is your most recently used app) but the focus still in the old spot in the list. You then have to navigate to beginning of the listing to reopen.

Please no annoying confirmation prompts, it's completely unnecessary and an irritant. If one exits by mistake once in a while it's not big deal to get back in. Nobody is going to lose their work or life savings by exiting by mistake.