Add Sort Options for On Now to the Guide

It would really be a big plus and very convenient. To be clear, I would like the same genre sort options available at the top of the "On Now" section added to the full "Guide" section. That way, I could see all the movies for instance, that are showing for the next 2 weeks, rather than just one day. This would make finding what you want to schedule for recording much more efficient. Scrolling the guide is too tedious for someone with my attention span. I know I can go to web app and look in a similar way, but I think it would be a great feature for the TV app and "appears" to me to be almost there anyway, due to it being in the "On Now" section already and also in the web app.

I don't want to have to get up and log in to my computer just to search genres. Especially when the info is already in the app. Did I mention I'm lazy?

I am using the Fire TV app, so maybe the feature is available on other platforms, I don't know.

The filter is available at the top left corner of the guide grid

Yes, I saw that the other day, however it does not work unless I am doing something wrong. If you select movies it does bring up a much smaller guide (2 rows for 2 channels) but for instance, it lists everything on those channels as well, so it is not very helpful as it does not list nearly everything that is coming up. If I go to the Top Movies section on the web app it shows 73 movies for that Genre and that's it. Plus, it is much better user experience with the graphics and such.

Same for the other genres like Sports. Pulls up CBS guide and it shows a game, but then you scroll and it's Cindy Crawfords Skin Care secrets. Not my cup of tea. It does not really pull all the shows and definitely does not separate the genre from other listings on the channel, so I can't really use it.

PS Thanks for responding! On a Saturday!!

The genre filters only work off of what’s currently on at the time that you filter it.

We’ll be working this year on bringing ways to discover things to record to the client apps.

Cool thanks for the response. Don't get me wrong I love this app and I'm glad you guys and gals are continuing to develop. It is appreciated. Working towards leveraging the ability to record pertinent programming, it's very important to me thank you for your efforts.

I'm confident you can put all other platforms into the Dust. You know what I mean. Crush the competition.