Adding to Raspberry Pi Image

I got Channels working on a new Pi today via the image. Slick. Thanks!

I would like to add to my Pi.

Silly question but I am assuming the image is a flavor of Linux, so I could just go ahead and follow the linux instructions after I SSH into the thing?

Also any reason not to set a root password once I've setup SSH?


The Pi image is a super minimal image that custom made for only Channels.
It is HassOS based

If you want to use Linux, then install a full linux os on the pi and then install the Channels dvr server on that.

You can read about the Pi image specifically in the thread for it.

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I am testing right now with the new PI image. Is there a way to configure the wifi settings until I move it over to wired ethernet?

NVM - found it in the post :wink:. Is was looking up the nmcli command. The article originally listed is now gone. For others searching, here is a more recent post:

Yes, but it's not particularly simple. Here are the docs for the image's network configuration. Also, since the networking is handled by NetworkManager, here is the full configuration manual: NetworkManager.conf(5).

Thank you! I was able to find the nmcli command to get wifi setup. Here was the article that I used:

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