Advanced Pass Bug?

When creating an advanced pass if you create any rule and the second rule is something similar to

Title EXCLUDES show name

the EXCLUDES converts to CHANNEL when added.

If I use EXCLUDES in the first rule, it works correctly.

I am using DVR 2019.11.08.0102


I'm seeing it also on version 2019.11.08.2319
Even if it's the first rule, sometimes. Definitely flaky.

Also happens with not equals now too.
I tried to recreate one of my old advanced passes.

  1. Title CONTAINS Survivorman < This adds correctly
  2. Add Title != bigfoot or Title EXCLUDES bigfoot and after adding either it changes to Channel != bigfoot or Channel EXCLUDES bigfoot.

Tries in the opposite order.

  1. Title EXCLUDES bigfoot < This adds correctly
  2. Add Title CONTAINS Survivorman - after adding it moves this rule to the top and changes it to Channel CONTAINS Surviorman

Fixed in latest build.

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Confirmed working in 2019.11.14.0115

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It is working great. Thanks. Do you have the below on your "to-do" list?

Multiple EXCLUDES per advanced pass (multiple TIME entries is working)
BETWEEN - the ability to record all programs (minus EXCLUDES) between X:00 and X:00. This would reduce the passes needed to record prime time to just one.


None of the conditionals support multiple entries.

No plans for BETWEEN, since we already have LT and GT. But LT/GT do not currently support Time.

This is what I mean reference two time entries

Perhaps you could set manual recordings?

Closest I could find

and let us know how to do that when you figure it out.

Otherwise, sounds like you figured out advanced passes and have it covered in only 3 passes per channel for Prime Time recordings.

I don't even remember being able to do what you want with my previous TiVo's.
Is there something that did that for you?

You can do it with WMC and Kodi. Just trying to figure out a way to have multiple excludes during a specific time period. I do appreciate what it can do now however.

Thanks, never used WMC or Kodi as I arrived here from another path.

See Advanced Passes: Multiple CONTAINS/EXCLUDES (prerelease)