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Bartender Menu Bar App Mac (8)
'Watch Recoding at Current Time' for currently recording shows (1)
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Philo Intergration? (13)
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A few ideas (2)
Move "Record" and "New Series Pass" out of the "gear" (1)
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iOS: link to Upcoming Events from Season Pass details screen (1)
The channels-dvr.log file content (1)
Option to use hardware transcoding only when not enough CPU for software transcoding (1)
Personal usage data (1)
Re-queue Commercial Detection per show (8)
Hauppauge TV Tuners and Capture devices (6)
Up Next - Ability to disable (2)
Wake the DVR drive when the user is browsing recordings (6)
Warning before tuning a channel (14)
Home Button Confirmation (Live TV) (2)
Sports Category (5)
Native Mac and Windows apps coming? (3)
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Adding keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys to Web Player (2)
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IPTV link integration (2)
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“On Later” feature (2)
Web UI - Have 'Watch Now' actually start playing (3)
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