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Adding keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys to Web Player (1)
Ability To Tag Recordings As "Do Not Delete" (1)
Automatically Mark Recording as "Watched" if Watched Live (6)
What shows are coming up this week on CH#? (15)
Add Ability to import videos from other sources (1)
Option in Web UI so that all clients issue WOL when able (1)
NOW button required (4)
Full Browser Window video playback (1)
Change order of episodes (8)
Kodi Add-on (1)
Client Channel DVR Application for Android Phones and Tablets (14)
Replicate Favourite Order (1)
Landscape Guide Orientation for IPhone (1)
Need better way to sort movies and TV shows (2)
Tuners In Use display counter? (6)
Hauppauge TV Tuners and Capture devices (2)
Request: Sport Type Indicator (2)
Set a manual recording of a channel for specific date, time and duration (18)
More robust rules (1)
IPTV link integration (1)
Nimbus controller support on AppleTV (5)
Guide / recorded shows interface update (1)
A Few Improvements (2)
Skip recording behavior? (1)
Auto record the next showing after DVR issue (4)
Last Channel (13)
Channel drop-down when creating pass (1)
Display single channel guide vertically (1)
Protect Recordings and/or Recycle bin (1)