Alexa voice control

I’m still learning about alexa voice control and have been pondering buying the new cube. I guess the questions are:

  1. Does the voice control work with Channels (change channels in the app, move from DVR to guide, schedule recordings etc…)?

  2. is there any performance increase using the cube versus the new fire TV.

Any input would be greatly appreciated since everything fire is on sale right now.

The Cube appears to be slower than the FTV dangle. Probably because some of the CPU is reserved for alexa and other integrations.

We do not currently support any Alexa voice actions in Channels.

Thank you. I also want to say that Channels has become the player of choice for me. I’ve compared and done so much testing with Plex live tv using verizon fios. There is just so much lag changing channels in plex compared to Channels. If you should ever go down the plex path for more functionality (more of media server) please include me in the testing. you have a wonderful product. And if you can work on the voice thing please do. I hate to say its the wave of the future as amazon, microsoft, and apple take over the world (alexa, cortana, and siri).

Are there any plans to be able to use the microphone button on the fire tv stick remote control to change channels? For example "golf channel on channels dvr".