All Channels Apps Are Now Free for DVR Subscribers


Hey everyone!

We just pushed out something we’ve been working on for a while. You no longer have to pay for the Channels app if you’re a DVR subscriber. This should make it easier to try out Channels DVR, incorporate different platforms in your house, or even try different platforms to see which ones you like.

The apps are new on the app stores and they’re all titled: Channels DVR.

You can learn more about this here -

Web player issues (stuck in remuxing)




(Looks at maddox – bites tongue…)


That’s a pretty awesome improvement! I bet a lot more people will be willing to try the service out now. I’m glad I did. It’s been the best choice I’ve made for my DVR setup (Far better than SD’s own solution with HDHR).


This is really cool. The problem is that it doesn’t show up on my phone via either the Play store or the Amazon Appstore. My phone is an LG G6 with a custom ROM, but it runs TiVo, HDHR DVR, and Remote Potato (WMC) just fine. Do you a link to the APK that you could share?



Our app is only available for Android TV and Fire TV at the moment. It does not work on phones and tablets.


Android phones and tablets. Works great on iPads and iPhones.


I’m too quick and didn’t read. Ignore this.


Wish you had done this 8 hours ago, when I bought the app and then subscribed.


What a bummer!

But still totally worth it…The apps and DVR are well worth the (previous) price paid. There is nothing in the marketplace that compares to this solution.

Glad I did it!


Oh I agree, this is great stuff – except for a weird issue with Search not working – that I hope will get fixed.

I am glad I found it.


These devs are totally responsive and will definetly work with you to resolve any issue.


Awesome! I think that adds some more value to the DVR subscription too :slight_smile:


Have not submitted it to them yet – want to fully define it as a repeatable issue before I ask for assistance.


Good call - too bad you didn’t do this six months ago. I’m sure it would be way too big of a hassle, but anyway to do like three months free of DVR service for those of us who sunk $40 into apps and subscribed?


Sorta not fair to those of us that paid for the software.


I’m not seeing how it’s “not fair”. They’re offering something they didn’t before. shrug Things change. Look at it another way: If they’d announced a price increase, would you complain that you didn’t pay enough before? :slight_smile:


Maybe I am missing something? Paid 23.00 for software that is now free?