All Channels Apps Are Now Free for DVR Subscribers


Yeah, I think you are, but I’m not up to explaining it.


I think at the least those of us who paid for this app across multiple platforms should get some credit for DVR service.


I agree! I bought Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and Google Play apps last month. I don’t even want to add it up but it was a lot.


I bought the apps from Google and for iOS and tvOS. Money well spent, I don’t mind if people won’t have to pay that going forward. I got my money’s worth.


This ^^^^^

We paid for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and 2x iOS. These apps and the DVR engine work so well, and the devs are so responsive to bug reports and enhancement requests I regard it as money well spent.


If I’m still using it all in 12 months I will be happy. The software works well and I’m thrilled with it so far. Just slightly poor timing on my part.


Same here. Definitely money well spent!


I’ve been registered here since April 2016, and I had Channels while they were in beta hanging out in the silicondust forums before that. They shouldn’t disappoint.



I know of another user here who also paid for multiple apps last month. He and the devs worked closely together after that to nail down Closed Captioning…to his delight and that of many other users. He is totally satisfied with the new Channels offering.

The performance record of these two devs is utterly amazing. Give them a valid use case and they will work their hardest to incorporate. Their responsiveness to users is unsurpassed.

Two years ago, I wasted ~$50 for a one year Plex Pass…they only responded to one or two basic requests and then gave up…and to my knowledge these requests (like: address mpeg2 transcoding on clients vs server) are still outstanding over 1 year later, although many users have echoed those same requests. Additionally, they have ignored multiple other requests, again from many users. I almost fell for their discounted “lifetime” offer last year, thinking they would finally catch-up to the rest of the DVR solutions. What a joke…still the same problems.

Also, if for any reason you have to drop DVR service, you will still have the apps for TV viewing throughout your home…new users will not. One early user here sadly had to drop DVR service due to moving to a new area with only DRM cable channels (Channels doesn’t support DRM) or DTV Now, however, he was able to utilize Channels apps for his locals. He has since re-joined Channels as a DVR user based on the new offering HDHR Premium TV utilizing Channels (replacing DTV).

There is no DVR solution that I’ve tried (paid or free) that can compete with the functionality and ease of use of Channels.

Glad to have you as a new member of the A-team.


if I am a dvr subscriber, can I download the free app at my sisters house to use remotely?_


How does it detect that you have paid for the DVR Subscription? It worked fine for me, but wants to charge my Dad for the Android TV version of the app even though he also has the DVR Subscription active on his system.

What can we look at to determine why it doesn’t want to give the app to him for free?


There are two separate apps on the store: Channels and Channels DVR.


The “Channels DVR” app shows up as “incompatible” with any of my devices on Play Store. I’m pretty sure my SHIELD TV is compatible since I can install the “Channels — Live TV” app. I guess there’s something not right with the Play Store settings for the app. I’m in Germany and I’m aware that DVR itself is not really supported here, but that’s not the point, since I only wanted to use it so I could try the Android TV app before buying.


The DVR doesn’t work in Germany, so the app is not available there. Without a functional DVR setup you won’t be able to use the app, so unfortunately you won’t be able to use it as a way to try the app out right now.


Kind of unfortunate - I really just wanted to try before I buy. Any chance you could provide a direct APK download for the Android app’s DVR version? I’m aware that I won’t be able to use the DVR in Germany, but it’s still possible to set it up using a foreign ZIP code (resulting in false channel mapping of course) - but that would allow me to try out the Android app.


Kind of disappointed that I purchased the app for $15 the day AFTER you made the free one because you didn’t send out marketing on this until today.

Doubly disappointed that I purchased it to watch games while traveling away from home last weekend and it didn’t work the entire trip.


I love this idea but don’t know how to implement it. I have the beta version of Channels for my Android device but it says “$24.95” for the live version. How do I get the free version if I am a DVR subscriber?


Search the play store for the “Channels DVR” app.


Got it! That was the ticket! Thanks!


Never said the app wasn’t fabulous. The guys that created it are the best I have ever seen. Totally responsive. Great!

I love it so much I have converted 3 friends already. They are very happy and their version is free. Like you guys have indicated the SW is and was a great value with amazing performance and functionality… My only point was another case of early adopters paying the way for others to get it free. It’s no big deal at all but I still say it’s a bit unfair and I stand by that. Does not change my pleasure or satisfaction with the product.

A simple gesture to early adopters like a couple months of Guide service at no charge would be universally appreciated I am sure. If not, I don’t care. Very happy regardless