All Channels Apps Are Now Free for DVR Subscribers


Glad to see another early adopter who accepts that the past is the past. As Channels DVR & Apps are so full featured…it is a small price to pay.

Your friends are excited and appreciate your recommendation, also in addition, remember, if for some reason (moving, etc.) you will still be able to utilize the paid Channels Apps without DVR.

Also, I consider my previous app purchases as an investment in the future viability of this product and support of these two devs. Well deserved, IMO, for the fantastic support and addition of new features as this product evolves.

Hope others, will also appreciate, their commitment to offering a spectular product…which is miles ahead of any other solution in the marketplace.


So i have a few quick questions…
I’ve been an early adopter of Channels app.
I bought the app for apple tv before DRV was even available.
After dvr beta became available i jumped right on it.
I just recently crossed over to the annual $80/year dvr service.
I’m now looking to buy a new Sony Bravia Android tv so I can hopefully not need another apple TV.

  1. I know i’ll need to download Channels from the Android store…will it cost money though?
  2. Someone told me that I would have to pay separate money for DVR for Android though…that doesn’t seem right? Is this true? Will my $80 annual DVR service be good for both iOS apple tv and my soon to download android app?
  3. Will the android channels app play nice/immediately work with my already configured/setup DVR on my mac?
    Thanks in advance to all who can chime in!


In September I resubscribed to Channels and didn’t notice this announcement. In early September I paid $24 for Channels for Amazon and $24 for Android TV but now it’s free. Can I get refunded and take advantage of this offer? I don’t remember seeing this offer when I resubscribed to Channels TV but could be wrong.


You won’t need to pay for any Channels apps as a DVR subscriber. There are new apps on each store named “Channels DVR” and they are free. They are exactly the same as the paid apps but they only work if you’re a current DVR subscriber.

Your DVR will work with all of our apps on every platform.


Wow. I can’t believe how incredibly simple that was! Bought the Sony TV. Plugged power in and connected to WiFi. Went to the Play Store and downloaded Channels DVR and opened app. Didn’t have to configure/sign-in/setup anything with my existing account/DVR/server. It just found it and was ready to go! Just reaffirms, Channels is the best tv setup out there. Period. So happy with them.


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I wish I had known about this before, literally, yesterday! Any way to get my $25 refunded? Liking Channels so far, but the price was a huge barrier to entry, though I took the plunge. This should really have been made more clear in the Amazon store.