ALPHA: Import TV local content into DVR

I agree with you I imported some shows this morning ... I just did not like them combined with the regular TVshows ... I quickly removed them ... they are already Identified as imported on the web Interface so why can we not have an imported section ? It was all messy to see recently recorded shows with full Shows with all the seasons.

One thing I did notice is with Doctor Who I have my shows number in DVD order and not Air Date Order so the Specials are in the correct seasons. Seems like the scanner doesn’t like that and can’t match the specials.

How do I get access to this early release? My DVR shows 2020.08.19.2205 and is up to date. Can someone point me in the direction to install this?

In the web UI, press and hold the "Check for Update" button.


Thanks for letting me in on the secret handshake!

First bug I see. I have episodes of a show (Days of Our Lives, don't laugh, keeping wife happy) that are stored on the server and a few more recent episodes that Channels recorded. They all show up in the recordings list for the show (a long list to be sure) but they do not sort correctly by air date. The air dates are shown correctly for both types of recordings but only the channels recordings sort correctly. the ones from the server are listed out of order.

Are you referring to the web UI?

Yes. looking at the listing in the webui

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First, thanks for this feature! This really completes the package for me. And the only issue I had importing shows was one that didn't have the season folders named correctly so honestly great job so far.

One question, how often will this be scanning the folder for new files?

Confirmed sorting not working correctly on web UI.

Currently it scans every five minutes. This will be configurable in the future.

Next bug. Incorrect meta data resulting in incorrect episode titles and descriptions being displayed.

The Ranch, S02E01 Episode title is My Next Thirty Years.
Here is a TVDB link to the data:

Channels imports the episode and shows the correct S02E01 but a title of Gone as a Girl Can Get which is actually S01E11

I need the full directory filename for the episode which did not scan in correctly.

For example:

./Lucifer (2016)/Season 01/Lucifer - S01E06.mp4

\The Ranch (2016)\Season 02\The Ranch (2016) - S02E01 - My Next Thirty Years - WEBDL-1080p x264 AC3 5.1.mkv

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Thank you.

Confirmed that if you go to and select Episode Guide > Season 2, the title of episode 1 is incorrect.

Looking at those listings on zap2it, All of season 2 is incorrect. Its showing episode titles from season 01 eps 11 through 20 as S02E01 through 10.

Going further the rest of the listings for seasons are equally mucked up.

I verified IMDB and Trakt also agree with thetvdb. Its only zap2it that is not correct.

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Can you click the Contact Us button at the bottom of zap2it and report the issue to them.

Done but they have been far less than helpful in the past. Had similar troubles with zap2it back when we were mapping episodes for display in Tivo. Any chance to offer more than one source for meta data? or to pull titles from the file names?

It seems like TV Show matching is based on naming of the directory path and not the filenames. I do not use spaces in the directory path, and every TV show that is > 1 word does not match. Not saying it's right, but my library does work fine with Plex.

Please provide example paths which don't work as expected.

Is it possible it import metadata embedded into the file for unresolved files? I am a graphic designer and some of my show have custom images.

I have archives of Ohio Games (college football), 9/11 specials and Alcatraz documentaries. If there is a specific format we need?

So glad you added this.