ALPHA: Import TV local content into DVR

Embedded metadata is not currently supported. I'm not against adding support eventually, but we need specific technical information about how the metadata is embedded and where, or at the very least some sample files.

Here's an example of a path that is unmatched but the episodes group together:
L:\archive2\ModernFamily\Modern Family.S11E01-New Kids on the
L:\archive2\ModernFamily\Modern Family.S11E01-New Kids on the Block.mp4
L:\archive2\ModernFamily\Modern Family.S11E02-Snapped.mp4
L:\archive2\ModernFamily\Modern Family.S11E03-Perfect
L:\archive2\ModernFamily\Modern Family.S11E03-Perfect Pairs.mp4
L:\archive2\ModernFamily\Modern Family.S11E04-Pool
L:\archive2\ModernFamily\Modern Family.S11E04-Pool Party.mp4

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I'll provide whatever you need. Thanks for being open to it.

Wow, Thanks Guys! Great Job. Most Shows imported -- just ran a sample for my previously recorded shows. THANKS!

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The media library alpha is fantastic! My old MacBook will certainly run faster only having to run Channels and not worrying about Plex until I get something with more oomph.

Added a few TV Shows to test. Detected everything fine and loaded metadata except for some specials, alternate pilots, webisodes, etc. I had them in subfolders named Specials and that created a "show" Specials with all the various oddball episodes. I changed the names to Season 00. That put the episodes with the correct show, still missing metadata. Zap2It had the listings for Star Trek, but I was unable to find information on the other 2 to compare to TVDB listings.

\TV Shows\Star Trek\Season 00\Star Trek - S00E01 - The Cage.mp4
\TV Shows\The Critic\Season 00\The Critic - S00E04 - Webisodes.mp4
\TV Shows\The Vicar of Dibley\Season 00\Vicar of Dibley - S00E01 - The Easter Bunny.mp4
\TV Shows\The Vicar of Dibley\Season 00\Vicar of Dibley - S00E02 - The Christmas Lunch Incident.mp4
\TV Shows\The Vicar of Dibley\Season 00\Vicar of Dibley - S00E07 - Merry Christmas.mp4
\TV Shows\The Vicar of Dibley\Season 00\Vicar of Dibley - S00E08 - Happy New Year.mp4
\TV Shows\The Vicar of Dibley\Season 00\Vicar of Dibley - S00E10 - The Handsome Stranger.mp4
\TV Shows\The Vicar of Dibley\Season 00\Vicar of Dibley - S00E11 - The Vicar in White.mp4

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Does this prevent transcoding of MP4 files for streaming (to e.g. cellular)? If not, could we have an option to prevent it? My local MP4 (H.264/265) content is more efficient for streaming than anything produced in realtime.

Transcoding only happens based on your quality settings. If the content being streamed falls below that quality, then no transcoding happens, it's just streamed out normally.

How to remove movies that have been imported? I removed the folder but the movies are still in the recordings. There are over 1200 of them imported by mistake and I need them all gone.

Did you prune deleted right underneath where imports are added/removed ?

In the Channels iOS app, I note that the highest you can pick for cellular transmission is 4 Mbps. I /think/ this should be fine for all of my MP4 content, although once we start getting 4k, that might no longer be the case. I wonder if an additional threshold would be sensible?

Yes, I pruned deleted and that did nothing that I could tell.
Not sure what it was supposed to do.

The only thing it didn't pick up correctly was 'Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun' ( I have everything named like ./Lucifer/Season 1/Lucifer - S01E06 - Favorite Son (HDTV-1080p).mkv and for the one that was missed it's Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun/Season 1/Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun - S01E01 - Iruma-kun from Demon School (WEBDL-1080p).mkv.

I tried playing back a UHD rip (Game of Thrones) and it played back fine for 5 minutes or so until I got bored (with the experimental player on the Apple TV 4). Same with the normal version, they all played good. My only initial improvement suggestions would be what you're probably already tracking (multi-user support/multi-version support/ignore 'The' sorting/etc).

Really great for an Alpha!


This one was fixed as part of 4.0

I tried setting up a link to my Plex media folder by mapping a drive to the appropriate folder on my NAS. The linked drive is not seen by Channels DVR and looking in Windows Explorer, the mapped drive shows up in Network Locations. This is on Server 2016. I see the same behavior on Windows 10 (mapped drive is under Network Locations). Any chance you can allow manual input of a network path so we can point directly to a NAS?

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Looks like UNC paths are supported in Windows, but must be added via the command line. They are looking at making the web UI allow this on Windows. For the full thread, see here:

Thanks for the reply but I don't see any procedure to add a network path via command line in that thread. Is there a config file I can edit to add a UNC path?

Perhaps I am jumping the gun since this is Alpha. If not possible at this time, I guess I am making the suggestion that input of a UNC path be added to the Web UI. A UNC is much preferable over a mapped drive.

Sorry, I now realize the PowerShell commands were not in that thread. Here:

If you're more comfortable with cURL:

A new pre-release build is uploading now where you can enter an UNC path via the web UI.

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It works ....

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I've added my network path to import TV Sources but no TV Shows are scanned. Windows opens the path when I enter \WDMyCloud\Thomas\TV Recordings. Does this work for TV Sources UNC locations?

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