Alternate TVE for these channels?

Since Xfinity TVE is a constant headache with Channels....looking for a TVE provider that has these 22 channels that i was getting with Xfinity.

I know someone has Direct TV service and they use Channels DVR( i set it up for them), and that has been working fine for them, but I can't get DTV service, and not sure if one specific streaming service provides all these channels.

I recall a website that allowed one to select the Channel/network they want, and it lists streaming services that provide them, but I can't find that site again, and, that site does not stipulate that service has TVE support for the network, only that the service offers that network in thier own app.

6033 TBS
6035 TNT
6037 TRU
6041 TOON
6052 USA
6054 SYFY
6056 E
6058 BRAVO
6062 SPROUT (UniversalKids)
6070 NGC
6080 FX
6082 FXX
6084 FXM
6095 REELZ

I think YouTube TV and Fubo, both offer the most extensive line up of TVE stations, however, their prices keep getting jacked up and up every few months...and its as expensive as normal cable tv service these days. (also, i tried YYTV and never could get it to work with Channels, never got an option to make a family account or whatever. all my google account are also 2fa enabled.)

Have yet to find a streaming option for WarnerMedia channels (TBS, TNT, Tru, CNN)

You can try, It lets you select the channels you want and matches the best service to it.


I don't know of any OTT provider that offers TVE access to WarnerMedia1 (CNN, TNT, etc.) or Hubbard Media (Ovation, Reelz) network channels. However, my experience has shown that otherwise, FuboTV will give you all of the other channels. (It is $65/mo, but they do offer a one month trial, so you can see if it would satisfy your requirements.)

Addendum: Here's which networks you get with Fubo:

  • A+E
  • AMC
  • Discovery
  • ViacomCBS
  • Disney (ESPN, FX, NatGeo)
  • Fox News
  • Crown
  • NBCUniversal
  • NBC Sports
  1. T-Mobile's TVision does seem to support WarnerMedia channels, but the troubles with their auth system when adding it as a provider makes its inclusion questionable. Also, TVision service is only available to existing post-paid T-Mobile customers.

I don't care about sports or news channels at all.

Manely the Disney and discovery channels, and nat geo wild, syfy, toon, fx.

suppose does not show fubo for me.

it seems to indicate that vidgo has the most.
never heard of Vidgo, how are they for TVE support?

If I recall, does not contain any information regarding TVE support.

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Not sure if FIOS/Frontier is available in your area but they have great TVE support and I'm using it with Channels

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T-mobile is you have them or Sprint for cell service

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i have tmobile pre paid and their tv service does not show up for me.
also, forget it, that service i read here has just as crippling auth issues as xfinity.

This does - Not positive its completely up to date, but its start for figuring out TVE support for the providers.

I don't believe it's been updated for at least 18 months.

I was checking this out yesterday and Frontier (Fiber) had significantly better TVE support than DirecTV (my current provider). Frontier is my ISP.

Alas, I called Frontier this morning to find out how much the Prime package would cost and they told me they are not currently selling TV service. They are pushing Dish.

Then I tried calling DirecTV to see if I could keep my current programming package but get rid of my last remaining receiver (to eliminate the charges associated with the receiver). No dice.

I really wish AT&T TV had TVE support equivalent to DirecTV.

T-mobile vision is only available for Post paid accounts

I used their "Contact Us" email address and got an immediate response that this TVE page is one of the few on their site that its tied to something to automatically update. They apologized and said that someone would refresh the content shortly. I was quite surprised at the quickness of the response.

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I'm using Channels with Comcast, SiliconDust tuner and mCard and watching on an Apple TV 4, recordings going onto a Windows 10 Pro box. Working fine for me. What issues are you having with Comcast and Channels?

If you read the threads, you would know.
The issue is Xfinity TVE.
Nothing to do with using a HDHR prime and cable card.

How is TVE with Vidgo service? they seem to be the closest thing to fubo at bit cheaper price. they also have a promo for the first month is $10....

Seems good for the channels they offer.

Based on that link, it looks like they offer:

  • A+E Networks
  • Crown Media
  • Discovery Networks
  • Disney (incl. ESPN, FX Networks, and National Geographic)
  • Fox News
  • NFL Network
  • ViacomCBS

Major missing networks:

  • AMC Networks
  • Hubbard Media
  • NBC Sports
  • NBCUniversal
  • Sinclair (incl. Fox Sports)
  • WarnerMedia