Alternating between "Queued > Error Job Not Found" and "{Gear Icon} > Record"

Noticed some strange behavior:

  1. Go to DVR > Passes

  2. Click the disclosure triangle (on the right) of a program that has an upcoming recording and choose Find Airings

  3. Notice the first result will say Queued, but when you click on the menu, it will say Error: Job Not Found

  4. Switch to a different tab (or window) in the browser, and then switch back

  5. Notice the menu is just the "gear" icon now, and when you click on the menu, it will say Record

  6. Each time the Chanels DVR web page loses focus, it will alternate between Queued / Job Not Found and Record.

This screen recording shows the above behavior.

For reference:

  • this is not recording dependent, it happens on any pass with an upcoming recording
  • when multiple recordings are scheduled for a pass, they all exhibit this "toggle" behavior
  • this does not happen on the DVR > Schedule screen

I've been seeing that behavior for months. I think it also happens in the schedule tab.
It started for me around the time they added the ability to force record something that was previously recorded.

I'm glad to hear it's not something weird on my system at least. Thanks for the reply! :+1:

I followed your steps but did not see the same behavior.

The first entry says Queued and shows me Skip. It doesn't change when I switch tabs and come back.

I did notice that additional airings shown in the list say Queued but show Job Not Found, but that's only with the reruns later in the day.

Which browser are you using?

Hrmmm... it happens for me in both Safari and Firefox (both on macOS).

I just tried both browsers again just now, and it is very repeatable for me... it happens just as shown in the first screen recording

I opened the Firefox developer tools and made another screen recording of me clicking back and forth between the developer tools and the Channels admin/search page.

Does that offer any more insight?

I can't really see what page you're on. In the OP you said click the disclosure and select Find Airings. Are you doing that, or are you actually clicking on the "XX recordings scheduled" link.

I select Find airings from the menu to the right of a show on the DVR > Passes page, and that takes me to an admin/search/12345678?seriesName=Xyzzy page. It lists the upcoming episodes. That’s the page in the screen recordings.

I’m just clicking to remove focus from that page (by clicking in the dev tools) and then clicking back on the page to return focus to the Channels web app. (In the screen recording, I’m not clicking on any controls.)

Happens from there in addition to Search for show airings

Okay thanks. I do see some weirdness in Safari as compared to Chrome

I get it on both Firefox and Edge.

I have also been seeing this issue for a while, persistent across Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on Windows.
In addition to not always showing :clock3: Queued ⏷, this also happens when an airing has already been recorded: the dropdown menu alternates between :heavy_check_mark: Recorded ⏷ and ⛭⏷ every time the viewport's focus is lost, but does not change back when focus is regained, only when focus is lost a second time.

I can even leave the dropdown open showing
Error: Job Not Found / Mark as Unqueued

Switch to another browser tab and back and now it displays

OK, I'm done posting on this unless asked

The glitchy back-and-forth behavior should hopefully be fixed in v2021.09.15.1617

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Thought I should explain what I'm seeing.
I have 3 servers recording this four part documentary to ensure I get all 4 parts since they only air each part twice.
The post above is from Server #2.

Server #1 uses a normal Series pass and exhibits no flipping back and forth between queued and unqueued.

Server #2 uses a Series pass to record the 8pm airings and exhibits flipping back and forth between queued and unqueued.

Server #3 uses a Series pass to record the 10pm airings and exhibits flipping back and forth between queued and unqueued.

Not sure what changed but it's back to flipping back and forth again.
This shows switching back and forth between two browser tabs showing the same thing.

On v2021.09.19.1731.

The flipping does not occur with "Queued" for the actual airing queued for recording (both by a pass or manually).

However, I still see the flipping for:

  • "Queued" on a duplicate airing (i.e., where another earlier/later airing of the same episode or movie is already queued for recording)
  • "Recording" on a duplicate airing
  • "Recorded" on any airing (both episodes and movies)

Also seeing the behavior when selecting the second airing from the grid guide while the first is still recording.

Appears that not all browsers will display the animated gif below and I have to click on it with Firefox and Edge to see the animation.