Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED series 4K Series Supported?


This probably seems a strange question as the Amazon TV's have built in Freeview but I don't actually have TV aerials around the home just firesticks, a HDHomeRun Quattrro and channels installed on each one, this works great, I'm thinking of changing one of the bedroom TV's to a Amazon Fire TV 55-inch Omni QLED series 4K so just need to check the channels App will work on on this device? Otherwise I'm back to installing a fire tv stick into the TV which would completely go against what I'm trying to do in cleaning up the setup without the need for streaming sticks!

Thanks in advance

It works I also have a FireTV and Channels DVR works ... everything that works on a FireStick works on it.

Great News! Thanks for confirmation

As to cleaning up setup,etc.

We have smart tvs in most rooms and prefer firesticks. That way the interface is the same no matter which tv. And the remote is the same no matter the brand of tv. It works great!

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Yeah every TV in the house (there's 8 of them!!) currently has a firestick attached to simplify the user setup for the wife and kids! I assume a QLED fire tv has a very similar remote interface! I didn't take the plunge and buy one last time but with Black Friday on tomorrow the temptation will be back again!

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Android is being Ditched on FireTV so you might get a great deal on Black Friday.

Hmmmm that worries me what does that me for channels? As in the fire sticks will also move to a totally new os?

I don't think I would worry about it very much yet. Amazon is unlikely to cut its own throat. If they start telling developers to switch tools and provide them a development platform, then you can decide if you need to worry. Current products are unlikely to be affected.

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That's good to hear. One way or another I need to have terrestrial TV distributed around the home via my network as I no longer have TV aerial sockets in the house!

I have my antenna system connected to a couple of TV's, just for testing and emergency use. I have Firestick 4k Max devices on all my TV's and they do everything that I want. I am not going to worry about a new FireTV OS until Amazon provides an official plan.

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Well i took the risk and bought an Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED and to say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

The hardware seems very low end and slow compared to a 4k Max stick. Due to interlacing issues the TV was unwatchable for UK channels and the hardware too low end to decode via software.

The picture was a massive let down too.

I've instead upgraded to an LG C2 OLED and I'm blown away by the picture quality. Alongside this I've been trying an Apple TV 4K which has proven a much better device (very hard for me to compliment Apple believe me) i just wish they were cheaper to allow me to upgrade the rest of the TVs now.

In short Channels is available on the Omni QLED TVs but if you're in the UK don't bother the hardware isn't good enough and the viewing experience shocking. Also when interlacing not an issue and using hardware decoding i notice a 1 second black screen between ever scene in programs which was very strange. Hopefully this saves someone making the same mistake as me.