Amazon Fire users, read this

Since new Fire devices will no longer be Android, wonder if that means the Devs here for Channels DVR will need to make a new app for this new OS of theirs....

It says it is based on Linux.

Amazon modifying their in home ad delivery system to make it even more locked down. They are going to take something already terrible and make it worse.


As an enthusiast, I can promise you that anything Amazon is doing, is not optimized for user experience for the customer.

As a developer, :eyes:


Every time I get annoyed by the interface on Echo screens and Fire devices, I am reminded of the truism:

We are not Amazon’s customers. We’re the product being sold.

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Maybe I am too old to know better, but I like the Fire TV system just fine. The Movie and TV ads provide an ever changing, colorful background and sometimes I am even interested in watching one of them. I have one button access to five of my most used apps, including Channels DVR. I can connect two identical remotes to one device for my bedroom TV. I watch a lot of news and I really like their News app. If all this changes someday in the future, I may move on to something else. Currently it would be easier for me to give up Channels DVR than my FireTV.

I find the Problem to be is that Channels DVR is not optimized for Amazon TV ... For example AC4 Passthrough which the new Amazon devices support. No Problem with HDHomeRun APP or Emby.

My biggest worry about this is the effect on using a Fire device as the device to plug into an HDMI encoder for things like HDMI for Channels and ADBTuner. The fastest tuning device I have plugged into an encoder is a Fire TV Cube, followed by a Fire Stick Max. The cube tunes very, very quickly. The linked article, above, refers to new devices, so hopefully that doesn't change (and if it does, hopefully we can turn off updates on those devices). But even with that, I would probably steer away from Amazon devices to use with encoders in the future, just to be safe.

That is what I use on my HDMI device. FireTV Devices is what I use along with XFINITY APP+ADBTUNER to Capture Premium Channels HBO/Showtime.

I got so tired of seeing "The Office" employee moonlight as Jack Ryan every time I load up a Firestick that I finally broke down and purchased an Apple TV 3rd gen. The overall experience has been okay, but unfortunately Channels DVR is the one app that has a terrible lip sync problem (audio delay) that I haven't been able to figure out how to resolve yet.

What u use for sound? I use a Bluetooth DAC as well as headphones, never had any audio sync issues.
If you use Homepods for audio, those are known to have issues, even outside of Channels.

I have been using more of the HDHomeRun DVR I find it so much easier to Setup Sports Team recording using the UI without having to run to a browser and look up Team ID's. I use Emby to watch Channels DVR recordings..... and Movies.I use ChannelsDVR mainly as a backend.

It's plugged into a Vizio television and I have the HDMI port configured for gaming (or pc or something) with no processing. When I have time to tackle it, I'll try to find the appropriate thread to do so. The extraordinary amount of advertising that Amazon has taken to is getting old quickly. The devices are cheap and powerful, but at what cost.

Edwin, I can't tell you how much I have appreciated your input over many years, but I am running out of time to chase this stuff any more.

I hear you I see myself sometime next year probably giving up on homegrown DVRs.... DRM ... AC4 ... ATSC 3.0 Why can't we have 1 DVR that does all this great?

I dunno anymore.