An easy way for Channels DVR to watch YouTube Live vids

I think something bad happened

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No, you're just doing it wrong. That's not a LIVE YouTube video.

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You are right. Only live streams work.

Can this work on VLC?

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yeah, you can use the secret w= parameter. Media -> Open Network Stream URL:


SUPER useful, I'm really appreciating this for a few streams now, thank you so much for creating this tool and sharing it! It's working great for me so far.

Also I have a question, with Docker/HLStube, when I set up the TWiT Network stream last year, the blank guide data was broken up into hour-long recordable blocks in Channels DVR, which, at the very least, made the shows recordable. With this (much easier!) Kister Method, however, the guide shows as one long continuous stream, making it more difficult to schedule any recordings. Ultimately I'd love to figure out the best way to get the TWiT network's consistent EPG in there, as it's the same every week, but for now just a way to even record hourly would be fine.

Is this possible with the Kister Method?

remove this from your playlist m3u8.

My source isn't editable text, it's just the URL, formatted the way the Kister Method prescribes:


The Kister method is putting that in the m3u8.
Maybe he can create an option to disable it.

Ah OK, yeah, that makes sense. Would be cool if we could enable it on a channel-by-channel basis. Because it would be great for a channel with shows like the TWiT Network, but I wouldn't want it for a 24/7 livestream of lo-fi music.

Did you get TWiT working with the Kister method?
Thought he said it would only work with You Tube live feeds.
TWiT works fine w/hlstube.

Edit: NM I see you're using their You Tube feed with this

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sure, that's not difficult. It's kind of backwards from the default behavior for tvc-guide-placeholders, but it works by appending a ph=X parameter where X is the length of time you want in seconds -- so ph=3600 to get Channels' default behavior (1 hour blocks), ph=7200 to get 2 hour blocks, or ph=1800 to get 30 minute blocks, etc.

so like,c=60000,ph=3600

note- It'll take some time for the guide to update if you're adding the ph=X to an existing channel for the first time. You can hurry it by using Settings -> Guide Database -> Maintenance -> Fetch Guide Updates


Hey, wow, that's fantastic! I set it up for 2-hour blocks for the livestream of TWiT, and it's working great! I really appreciate that.,c=60000,ph=7200

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is it possible to choose resolution?
360p, 480p?


I made a new r= parameter, like:,r=360p

Things wont work if you specify a resolution that Youtube isn't streaming in, so I also made a middle-man that can show you the available resolutions. In a regular web browser, use the detail= parameter like -- it'll print out which are available.

1 Like,r=360p not work.

but working.

change the w= to v=
all these options are making it not so easy :smiley:

EDIT: oh, you are using this in VLC.
use &r=360p instead of ,r=360p

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i will try on some softwares, but what i do is i test every stream on vlc and than on others.
Are link is pernament?

I've found they're "permanent" so long as YouTube's vid_id in the URL doesn't change. Some livestreams do go down after a few weeks (or months) and then return later with a new URL. When that happens, those vid_id's would have to be updated in the URL in your Custom Channels setup.

In the past with HLStube I'd found some livestreams that were accessible via "" but that didn't always work, and wasn't available for all channels. Now I can't seem to even find any examples of such to test with the Kister Method, so this point may be moot.

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You're already watching one of them.

That /live redirect only works for youtube accounts that have a single Live stream.
Doesn't work on others like SkyNews, SpaceX, etc. that have more than one.