Android beta crashing randomly (3.2.1-v205180046)

I notice there is an option for Legacy Streaming Debug on or off.... exactly what is the difference ... we really need information when there are beta changes to the way Channels are Played ? How are we supposed to report problems with playing if we have no idea what has changed.

Looks like you missed the announcement:

Yeah seems I missed it for some reason my tablet keeps disconnecting and goes back to the guide when playing LiveTV with the latest beta. I will have to do more testing.

Version 3.2.1-v205180046 constantly crashing at startup.... on FireTV tablet.

@tmm1 Diagnostics submitted playback stops goes back to the guide.

No problem with Release Level..

Thanks we are taking a look. Appears to be related to the Play To feature. Does disabling that help?

yes it appears it does.

I have Legacy off ... Signal Notifications on and Play to feature off appears to be working.

@tmm1 It happened again went back to guide data with Play to feature off ... I believe it has to do more with the streaming feature .. as when I had everything off it worked no problem ..

submitted diagnostics with Play to feature off.

Can you try the latest beta

Sure have it on now ... default settings.

@tmm1 latest beta Working great rock solid no problems.

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