Android BETA: Start Up Section

In the latest android beta (v5.04.1601), we are testing the Start Up Section and Start Up Channel features.

These were originally added to Channels for Apple TV, and have now been ported over to Android and Android TV.


Using the Android beta. I have "Guide" selected as my Start up action. This works great, but when I go to recordings and watch a recorded show, when I exit the playing show, I'm taken to the guide and don't see the delete option for the recording unless I navigate back to recordings and then choose delete.

Is this the intended behavior?

No, that was a bug and should be fixed in the upcoming beta build.

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I have the guide selector disabled. Start up to the guide goes to the previous channel that was playing and it doesn't play, just hangs up. I turned both off, no guide selector, no startup behavior, and the guide loads at startup (what I was trying to do).

Which guide selector?

The drop-down box for 'all, hd, etc'

Seems like with that disabled, and the startup to set to guide, on launch and resume, cause it's several hours later, the next morning I turn on the tv, it shows what I was watching the night before, and stays on a black screen with the bottom playback bar going.

Channels for Android & Fire TV 4.0 was released today bringing almost all of the features from last year's big tvOS/iOS update. Thanks to everyone for helping with this!

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