Android Phone/TV/Fire stick Lost DVR Recordings Thumbnails

No more screen grab thumbnails for DVR recordings on Android phone/TV/Fire Stick clients. Tried release and beta. Thumbnails still appear on iOS devices.

Tried restarting DVR server, rebuilding index, etc. Seems to be issue specific to Android clients. Thumbnails showed up a few weeks ago I believe.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

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are you running version 2023.06.05.2048 or later? supposedly fixed in v2023.06.05.2048

I would "assume" it's in the latest stable Version 4.6.3 (June 16th, 2023), but not sure since it doesn't say

Have not tried the beta for android TV but the android phone app beta and stable has no episode thumbnails.

Using client beta 6.29.132 on a galaxy tab s7

Can anyone else confirm?

Is this at home or away from home

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Away. Haven’t been home to try locally but they don’t show on either android phone, tablet, or fire stick versions.

I'm also seeing this issue on the latest beta Android app v2023.06.29.0132. Episode thumbnails are missing when away from home, but load fine when at home.

I can also confirm that the issue occurs when away. Has this been confirmed by the developers?

Try this build:

Is there a beta of the phone app available that fixes this issue?

Please try this build:

To install beta:

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Confirmed fixed. Thanks!

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Fixed!! Thank you!

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