Annoying behavior from fire stick app on start

every time i start up the fire stick app for the first time each day, it starts on the "no hdhomerun detected" screen...which is annoying, because i'm only using this for TVE and locast (i don't have a hdhomerun nor am i planning to add one). the frustrating and annoying part is that if i scroll over and try to go up to the guide, the guide is always blank for the first few seconds. then, even if i'm just wanting to put a particular channel on, the guide will eventually load as i'm scrolling and then bounce me back up to the top of the guide so i have to start all over again.

even stranger is that this only happens on my second gen fire stick. my 4k fire stick works just fine and i haven't seen this happen at all on that one.

any ideas on how to fix this? it's incredibly annoying...i just want it to go to the guide screen when i open the app.

Someone else reported this recently, but when I tried I wasn't able to reproduce. That user actually has an hdhomerun, but still sees the message flash at boot.

This is very strange because on boot I see a spinner on my 4K stick.

One thing you can try is click Connect to DVR > At Home and enter the IP of your DVR. That will make it connect more quickly on app boot.

i actually did that last week when i moved my server to a different hasn't improved it any. still seeing the same behavior every time...only on first boot of the day though. once i've spun it up once if i leave channels and then come back to it, it's usually ok. it's as if there's something timing out after a while that makes it go back to that screen when starting up...

also like i said if you're trying to reproduce on the 4k stick, you probably won't be able to. i haven't seen the issue on my 4k stick that's downstairs, only on the second gen i have upstairs.

Okay that's helpful to know. I think I have an older firetv somewhere so I'll try to see if I can reproduce on that one. Strange because the app is the same...

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it's also a PITA to try to reproduce, because it doesn't happen every time. it's only on the first boot every day, at least in my case.

just now, i exited the app and went back into it...right back to the guide screen, like i would expect. but a few minutes ago, when i turned the tv on for the first time did the "no hdhomerun" thing like it does the first time i turn it on every day.

When you leave the app its still running in the background. You can stop the app completely via the device Settings under Apps > Channels DVR. Then it should happen on next launch.

right, but there's no way i'm going into the settings and closing the app every time i turn off my, i want to stop that behavior and keep it in the guide, not the other way around.

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i do see the same spinner on my 4k stick as you do, then it goes to the guide. i just never noticed it before because i was so fixated on the behavior on the second gen, i was probably seeing it go to the guide (like i would expect) and missing the spinner because of it.