Antenna amp - Low gain adjustable?

I have a Mohu Curve 50 Indoor "amplified" antenna.
I think the usb powered amp that comes with it is 15db.

I am looking for a lower gain or adjustable gain amp, as I think fixed db of the included usb powered amp is too much for some channels and they break up even though the HDHR stats are high, near or stay at 100%. But i have some channels that do benefit from an amp just a bit.

Are there any such low gain/adjustable gain amps out there?
I have searched on Amazon, and only thing i found was this but the reviews (sort for just the amp) are bad...and i did give it a try, and it is crap.

I need something that is like 2 to 10db (max).

Not sure if i need a LTE filter or not.
The nearest cell tower is about a half a mile or so away...i think.
The amp that comes with the antenna says it filters out such things, but since I am no longer using it, the antenna is now "passive" and direct connected to the HDHR.

I've looked, a couple times in the past, and come up empty. I'd love to find a low-noise, low-gain (3-6dB) mast-top preamp. It would stabilize a couple of my more marginal channels and probably wouldn't overload our HDHR tuner on the stronger ones.

You are likely correct in suspecting the amp in your current antenna is resulting in signals over-driving your HDHR. This is a known problem with HDHR network tuners. They have built-in amps and are sensitive to overly strong signals. Some people have been forced to insert 3 or 6dB attenuators in-line to mitigate this.

I may eventually get ambitious and try the mast-top preamp I have, then a 6dB or so attenuator just in front of the HDHR tuner to knock the signals back down a bit.

They do?? THis is news to me. I never read any specs from Silicon Dust that stated this...

True, SD's tuners are quite sensitive to overly strong signals; the current 5th gen tuners (HDHR5) even moreso than previous models. However, that is just a product of the tuning hardware they use, not because there is any additional preamp in their hardware.

Nope. They have preamps in 'em. They've said so on their forums.

I may wrong, but a search on their forums yields no pertinent results, so I'm not sure where this statement was made. I also don't recall seeing anything of the sort on their forum personally.

I picked up a Mohu Ranger. The flat design of the thing, manged to slip it above a bedroom window between the ceiling and the window frame in side my apartment....had to run a cable through wall, but that sure easier to hide behind furniture from landlord than sticking the thing out on my patio.

Not using the amp that came with it, pretty much all channels are reporting Signal and Symbol Quality as ~100%.

The few channels on 482-485mhz UHF, ION, ION Plus, Qubo, the ones with the furthest away tower (~30miles) are reporting 60 -66% for Sig strength and Quality with Symbol 100%. They seem to be playing fine though (except Ion Plus).. Those is the frequencies i need a amp for to get those numbers higher, but using a amp, causes all the other channels that are much much closer tower to be over powered.

Note: IONPlus, a SD channel, has some freezing, slow motion staggering issues. I recall some one else reporting such issues on Qubo and IonPLuss at one point. Maybe Channels having hard time recovering from short signal drop for those chans?

Edit: What is folks opinion on a LTE screw on filter? I read the Channel Master one is most recommended. Are those things really needed? I have set my phone right next to the antenna while on a call, or streaming video via LTE and that don't seem to cause any issues with immediate signal issues on the handful of channels i tuned to.

Most LTE filters are low pass filters that block (attenuate) signals from 600-2000 MHz. which are UHF channels 36 and above.

mmm... maybe that explains why with the Amp that came with the Ranger, none of the 33 channels, (UHF 800mhz according to this) dont work whn hooked up.

Gues that answers that, if i add a LTE filter, it will block some channels.

It's possible I'm dreaming it, but I don't think so. Ask 'em, if you're curious.

I'm also pretty sure they prune their forums. If so, I would not be surprised it doesn't show up if it hasn't come up in a while.

If you think about it, they'd pretty much have to. With no internal preamp, signals in a Duo would see a 3dB reduction per tuner. Tuners in a Quad would see a 6dB loss.

ETA: I've asked on the SD forums.

well. i was using a old small portable VIZIO tv hooked up to the antennas i have tried at various locations around my apartment.....that was not a good test. the tuner in that always show a lower signal bar. I can for sure tell that my HDHR Quatro gets far better signal.

35 or 36, maybe even 37, depending. Filters aren't that sharp. And won't be a problem after the most recent repack is complete. In fact: LTE filters may become necessary in some areas.

If you swapped that indoor Mohu with an outdoor Yagi antenna, all this talk about preamps and signal boosters would be moot. Your station would most likely just work without boosting or attenuating anything.

If I moved apartment units to the other side of the building facing the antennas I could just stick a piece of tin foil out of my window and get all my channels just fine. But facing the wrong direction inside towards a courtyard nonetheless is where I happen to live and I can't change that. Nor can I have a gi ant metal antenna sitting somewhere inside or outside.

So, SD responded on their forum, and the "legacy" devices did not have a preamp, but the last 2 generations of tuners do indeed have a preamp.

Any specs on what it is or how many db of an amp?

Here's the thread at SD's forum for you to check with the devs there: HDHomeRun Duo & Quatro: Internal Preamps?

Use the Channel Master CM-7778 if strong TV stations are nearby. You may also need a filter to remove LTE cell tower interference. LTE interference cause intermittent video breakup.

That is stiil to much amp. I need low gain amp 5db max.
I am getting CM LTE Filter though.
The conversation on this kinda continued via the HDHR fourms, link is above.

So, i have noticed that having a amplified antenna, my OTA recordings always had at least 3 or 5% Signal issues reported by Channels. After removing the amp, the last several recordings report 0% issues. SWAT on CBS always had break up issues near the end of the show the last couple weeks. This last week, no issues, with no amp.

I am still waiting to get a Channel Master LTE filter, that should come this weekend.
Some channels do randomly and briefly break up, hope LTE filter will help.