Any chance for Pluto TV as a provider

Well... I thought I was on the verge of understanding why it is so hard for Channels DVR to incorporate Pluto TV into TV everywhere; then a few days ago, I got an e-mail from the streaming service Reelgood stating they had just released a new version of Reelgood with Pluto TV added to it.

Sure enough, Pluto is there functioning just like all the other streaming services that are in Reelgood.

That now makes TWO different services (that I'm aware of) providing Pluto TV in their TV streams.

Soooo... once again, why not Channels DVR?

Scroll back a year in the post for one reason

Here's another

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Does Reelgood actually offer the PlutoTV streams from within their app, or do they merely aggregate the guide and content metadata and when requested the user is directed to the proper place in PlutoTV's app.

I don't use Reelgood, so I can't definitively answer this; but I largely suspect the latter. And if it is indeed the latter, then what they are doing with PlutoTV is different from what you are requesting.

Are you talking about this one?

If so, how did Live Channels & Reelgood do it?

Would a simple channel converter do the job for Channels DVR? The converter could be run when TVE calls up Pluto. That way nothing (other then the converter) would be changed in Channels DVR.

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Does Reelgood actually offer the PlutoTV streams from within their app.

Yes & no. All Pluto TV show information act just like all the other Hulu, Philo, YouTube TV, Sling TV etc on Reelgood. They pop up just as quick with no noticeable delay.

I can watch the trailers for Pluto TV or movie... from inside Reelgood.

But... when actually watching the movie I get a listing showing me the complete selection of services that I can watch the movie on. As Reelgood is a database of all available movies & TV shows this is completely normal for Reelgood.

So, Pluto acts & runs exactly the same as all the other streaming services on Reelgood.

So you're using Reelgood as an example for integrating PlutoTV streams into Channels, but that's not actually what Reelgood does.

Reelgood aggregates information from different services and directs you out to other apps for the actual content.

Channels ingests content from your tuner or Locast/TVE streams and makes that content locally available from directly within Channels.

This is an apples to oranges comparison.

No... I'm just showing that others are incorporating Pluto TV into their services.

That's what I said about actually watching the movie.

Yes, I already know that.

Again... I'm just showing that others are incorporating Pluto TV into their services & want the same for Channels DVR as it is simply the best out there but is missing one VERY important item... Pluto TV.

As an end user, the details of how it's done may be mine boggling, detailed, or fairly simple. I just want to see it done because as an end user all I really see is that others have Pluto TV & Channels DVR does not.

I'm pretty sure everyone gets the point that you want Pluto in channels. Personally, I'm tired of reading this crap. I come to this site to learn and help others. This non-stop whining is non-sense.


Boy, you're a nice guy aren't you.

Either way I'm gone as I too am tried of this nonsense.

I believe Pluto and Channels has been beaten to death no going to happen as off now.

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Well when you fail to understand the fundamental differences of how reel good and live channels work in comparison to channels dvr simply because you want something, how else do you expect people to react. If Channels worked like those two services, you wouldn't get all the functionality we enjoy and bought into channels in the first place.

Like when my niece was six and didn't grasp the rational answer repeatedly with the repeated reply of "but why? But why? But why?". Can't imagine why people get frustrated with you... :roll_eyes:

Kodi does have a pluto TV app, and yes some not all channels seem to be live i can pull the stream out of kodi by adding it to the kodi playlist. Then finding the Playlist on the pc. But idk how to add it to channels. I thought about using that telly m3u app to act as a hdhomerun. I'm wanting to get the oan channel

I have Telly configured for PlutoTV with a populated guide using xTeVe. It works great until a commercial starts, or a new video sequence starts, and then it stops playing the channel. The problem appears to be that ffmpeg, which it uses does not handle discontinuity sequences in a manner that is compatible with Channels. This is the same problem I see with PLEX using xTeVe so it is not exclusive to Telly or Channels, and the solution may come in a future update to ffmpeg.

I'd like to play with the Pluto TV integration. Do you have a writeup or any doc on how you set it up?
Thanks in advance.

My goal is to get Pluto, Philo and OTA in one place (even if just for viewing without DVR)....
Android Live TV = OTA + Pluto (No Philo)
Channels = OTA + Philo (No Pluto)
Amazon Recast/Live TV = OTA + Pluto + Philo (but Pluto is crippled to <50 channels and missing some I want)

have you tried the new fake HDHR that was created for a bunch of different sources? there's one for pluto:

i'm planning to give it a shot at some point, but i just haven't gotten to it yet. i am using the locast implementation though to get locast into channels with the correct OTA channel numbers, and it has been working very well. some minor issues that i've worked out with the dev over the past week, he's very responsive on github.

can confirm that fhdhr_plutotv does work, at least for getting the streams into channels. i literally just set it up in about five minutes (although it might be a little easier for me since i was already using the same core for locast, for others there might be a bit of a learning curve).

the only thing i'm unsure of (perhaps someone else can chime in) is how to get any kind of guide for pluto into channels dvr, since they're not real channels...thoughts?

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I use webgrabplus to scrape the guide, and then import that guide data into xTeVe which Channels can then use. I've been unsuccessful at getting Telly to play without crashing on commercials, and now i am about to try fHDHR/fHDHR_PlutoTV since this could be the solution I've been looking for.

how do you get the guide into channels, though? has something changed that will allow you to pick it, or will allow channels to import it? i've never been able to get channels to accept an attached xmltv guide...

You should be able to select a custom xml for the tuner, but there were times I was unable to select this as an option and the only solution I found was to reinstall Channels.