Any plans to make use of the new FireTV Homescreen Menu?

Sorry if this has been asked before I couldn't see it mentioned

Just wondering if there are any plans to make use of the new amazon sub menu which changes when scrolling over the app on the homescreen? It would be great if say your favourite 5 channels where accessible directly from the homescreen.

Some apps seem to make much more use of this than other My5 for example seem to have heavily integrated into the Fire TV OS, where you can see what is on each of their channels and jump straight to that program from the homescreen (not that there is ever anything much anyone wants to watch on 5!)

Channels for example just shows "Customers also downloaded" when hovering over the app, seems like a missed opporunity to get into the guide / onto the channel quickly and avoids alternative apps being displayed when trying to select Channels


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Can you post a screenshot of what you're referring to?

When selecting Channels this is the lower menu that is shown which has nothing to do with Channels as such:

Apps like My5 for example have managed to intergrate the app into the homescreen, as you can see you can see what is currently on the 5 main My5 channels currently, and how far through the program they are, pressing down and selecting 1 of those 5 takes you directly to that channel on the My5 app and you can watch the program all from the homescreen


If this is possible to get channels to do the same that would be awesome! The slingtv app and the Pluto app do the same thing.

:eyes:I might be the only one watching this thread. But definitely want to know if this is something channels is looking to do in the future because I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to buy fire sticks this primeday to use with channels. I use this feature a lot with Plutotv.

That's up to Amazon

As in Channels have no control over the sun menus on the homescreen?

Are we saying it's down to amazon to develop homescreen sub menus and what functions they bring for each app? If so really can't see amazon developing menu for channels any time soon let's be honest

I thought it is up to the APP developers to make use of the home screen ... Channels does this on AndroidTV make use of the homescreen.

Are you talking about homescreen or the Live guide. I see two different asks

I get Plex recommendations on the FireTV home Screen and my other APPS.

Not talking about the fire tv live guide. Just talking about the row that shows under the app on the home screen when hovering over the app. There is a screen shot of what he is talking about. My TiVo stream has a row that shows on the home screen of the current live channels. Seems like it is the same thing. Just fire TVs version.

Channels has these kind of extra controls controls for Apple TV, called top shelf. Maybe devs could include something similar on your device in the future.

Not really related, so apologies, but I ended up sideloading Launch Manager (, then LeanBackLauncher ( ...

None of this fancy stuff, but my Fire TV Cube is certainly more snappy, considerably less laggy, no adverts, etc.

(New UI drove me mad)

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