Any way to cast/mirror to Roku?

I know that Channels does not support Roku directly, but does anyone know of a way to cast/mirror Channels streaming on my iPhone to a Roku device so that I can see it on the TV the Roku is attached to?

If the Roku is at home on the same network as the DVR, you may be able to click Watch on Roku on the DVR web UI.

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Oh wow, I didn't even realize that was a possibility. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

Is this "Play on Roku" feature still supposed to work?

Probably not

good to know. I understand the strategic decision regarding the support of a Roku client. I've been all over the spectrum on streaming devices. Also, I'm not a fan of closed architecture. But, it would be nice to have this feature working as a bare minimum.

Using an Android app called TV Cast Pro for Roku (and its partner Roku app called "TV Cast"), you can use the Channels DVR web interface to play, and then cast, a Channels stream to a Roku device (at least a modern one). This seems to work flawlessly with every channel I've tried and also with my library videos and audio only as well. This is a true cast too, not a screen mirror. With this app on a tablet or an Android phone, you can navigate all the Channels DVR menus (on the Channels web app) and cast whatever you choose to the TV. Once the stream is playing, the app also provides controls for fast forward, pause, rewind, etc. You can also do this with the ad-supported version of the app if you are patient. But, the pro version is easier to use.

I don’t have an android device - does this work on iPhone? So far seems like no. I got the TV cast app on my iPhone and Roku but it does not give me the option to play on Roku

It should work with Apple/IOS. I don't have one to test, but this is the app: ‎TV Cast Pro for Roku on the App Store

You select browser, then navigate to the Channels DVR web app menu and play a channel. Once the channel is playing in the app, you get a link at the bottom of the app that allows you to attach to a ROKU and cast.