NEW: "Play on Roku" support (v2017.05.11.0158)

Channels DVR now supports "Play on Roku". This is similar to Airplay or Chromecast, and lets you watch live TV or any of your recordings on your Roku devices!

Ya know, if your bored, my iPhone could use a little lovin’ :stuck_out_tongue:


The DVR plays on iPhone too. You can actually even use the mentioned airplay, chomecast, and play on roku features straight from an iPhone.

Anyone have a chance to try this with a Roku? Or Rokus just not very popular around here…?

With Chomrecast/Airplay/Roku we now cover all the major devices for simple live/recording playback. If anyone has additional streaming devices they use with their TVs that aren’t supported, let us know and we’ll look into adding support.

DVR support for the iOS app is in the works… getting things working well for all the different sizes and rotations of iPad/iPhone is tedious and takes a while.


I have a couple of Rokus (Roki?) and would love to try this out. Just not sure what steps to take to do it. :confused:

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I threw mine out when I switched to Apple TV for channels.

I know you guys are working hard :sweat:, I was born at 2am, and have been impatient ever since :grinning:

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See the screenshot above… instead of clicking Watch Now on a recording or live tv, you can click the dropdown and select your Roku from the list. Let me know if you’re having issues.

Me too.

Having said that, without being able to trigger this directly from the Roku, it seems unlikely to see a lot of usage. Just my 2¢.

Yeah, that’s my thought as well. To trigger on the ATV or DVR, then go running to the room with the Roku…well, my doctor did say I should get more exercise.

It’s not possible to trigger this from the ATV… the idea was that you could pull out your phone and quickly start a channel or recording on the Roku, by visiting the DVR web ui and clicking on what you wanted to watch.

What would be an interesting enhancement would be the ability to send to airplay devices or chromecast devices from ANY browser and not only from safari/chrome respectivly…

This would be good for when I travel. I take a Roku stick with me.

My Synology can’t transcode, so unless we can send an untranscoded file to the roku from the web I can’t really use it

Unfortunately given how Roku is setup, this only works within your home. Airplay/Chromecast are the only options available for remote streaming.

While Airplay is available, the Chromecast icon doesn’t appear on DVR playback on my iPhone6 nor iPad Air 2 (using either Safari or Chrome browser).

I have to use an Android mobile device.

Hopefully, Chromecast capability can be added when utilizing DVR on an Apple mobile device. If not, at least to iOS DVR when released.

I managed to fix this today, so Chrome for iOS will be able to Cast with the next build.

Just tried this, seems to work fine. I had been going to plex and using an hdhomerun channel, but with this I can watch recordings too. Thanks!

BTW I set up the in-laws last weekend with the DVR, they love it. They are going to cancel their cable soon and Channels DVR was easiest for them to learn. Keep up the great work!

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Fixed in v2017.05.12.0136, available now.

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Very Cool, thank you

I figured I could airplay from my iPhone through safari. Is that not how it’s supposed to work?