Any way to limit FPS?

I'm remote viewing (Italy from Channels DVR server in US). In watching some NFL games, I've noticed that CBS has no pauses/stutters and plays back ~30 fps. If I watch FOX, Channels seems to be trying to generate a stream around 47-50 fps and I get a pause every 10 seconds or so.

Is there any way to cap the frame rate?

I'm doing 720 @ 3Mbps but the same happens at lower resolutions. If I go to higher res, I start to get stuttering on CBS.

You can switch to blend deinterlacer on the web UI settings under transcoder. Assuming this is mpeg2 source.

Source is HDHomeRun Prime. Seems some channels stream @ 30fps while others stream higher. I'm getting a lot of stuttering at higher frame rates.

What hardware is your server running on?

He mentions here

What is your upstream bandwidth from the location the server is?

Again, another topic

Good sleuthing!

I’m wondering if the transcoder on the NAS is having trouble keeping up. Since there’s not enough upstream bandwidth to use a original quality… I would recommend keeping an eye on the load numbers shown on the server web ui when you are having the issue and see if the server is heavily loaded. You can also verify if the transcoder is able to go at least 1.0x at all times.

That's my guess, the transcoder can't keep up with live.
He said this about playing a recording

I haven't seen mention if he's able to use hardware transcoding on the QNAP, my guess is he's using software transcoding.

Hi all - thanks for all the comments/observations. Sorry for the slow response but I'm on a different schedule.

Relative to transcoder - I have it set to hardware with the exception of when I am experimenting.

The most curious thing is that I can watch NFL on CBS with no glitches but the moment I watch FOX, I get a hiccup every 10-15 seconds. I haven't had a chance to monitor load on the QNAP yet but will when I get a chance

Did you try changing the deinterlacer setting? What is it set to now? The blend deinterlacer will output 30fps

I just switched to it. I'll report results after I've used it a bit.

Added - right now I am watching a recording and I am getting this:

Transcoder Running at 2mbps: 45m47s @ 1.13x (68.14fps)).

Did you change the deinterlacer on the DVR web UI under the Transcoder settings?

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Maybe @tmm1 can comment if it's possible to run a remote speedtest between your browser in Italy to your Channels QNAP server in the US.

For a local speedtest it works using http://{ip of sever}:8089/speedtest
Download 865.26 Mbit/s
Latency 1.74 ms
Jitter 0.90 ms


I am now watching another (recorded) program and am getting this with blend:

Transcoder Running at 2mbps: 1m26s @ 0.84x (49.46fps)). and getting hiccups

Switched to Hardware and got this:

(Transcoder Running at 2mbps: 2m46s @ 1.02x (65.80fps)). (no hiccups)

OK - am watching live TV now.

This is FOX (hiccups):

Watching ch805 from (Transcoder Running at 2mbps: 40s @ 0.78x (46.40fps)): strength=97% quality=100% symbol=100% rate=13.6Mb/sec

This is CBS (no hiccups):
Watching ch803 from (Transcoder Running at 2mbps: 1m25s @ 1.01x (30.21fps)): strength=97% quality=100% symbol=100% rate=7Mb/sec

My DVR is recording one program at the same time.

Transcoder : Hardware
Deinterlacer: Hardware
Adaptive: On

Fox News (occasional hiccups at beginning then few/none)
Watching ch820 from (Remux Running: 1m59s @ 1.01x (60.09fps)): strength=95% quality=99% symbol=100% rate=4.1Mb/sec

Looks like the transcoder can't keep up with the Live Fox 13.6Mbps data rate

Did you try with and without adaptive streaming?
What about using the Old endcoder, does that even work anymore?

True - but I'm taking the feed from a HDHomeRun Prime / Cablecard - shouldn't that normalize the feeds?

No, you get whatever bitrate the channel is sending.
It's up to the transcoder to keep up with the bitrate it's transcoding.

Not sure why your 820-Fox News is just remuxing and not transcoding.
What device are you viewing with?

adaptive streaming is on - I haven't tried the old encoder